How to Live in Technicolor

painting (in process), digitally altered. © ces
painting (in process), digitally altered. © ces


What are you doing… right now? (Besides reading this, of course) Are you multi-tasking? Where is your attention, really. Are you planning your day? your week? Replaying old “woulda, coulda, shoulda been” stories? Just. Stop. Because, perhaps there is much you are not experiencing that is happening Right. Now. Drop into this moment. Savor it for everything it has to offer you.

“I’ve always believed in savoring the moments.
In the end, they are the only things we’ll have.”
~ Anna Godbersen, The Luxe

Dropping into this moment Requires us to Let Go. Savor and Let Go? Savor implies a holding on, Letting go is about, well, letting things go. Maybe these two things seems at cross-purpose, but I believe they can work together beautifully: Let go of all the baggage, everything that keeps you from being fully present to savor this moment.

There’s an old story about a monk, a student, and a tea cup: The monk gives the student a cup with tea in it, then begins pouring and pouring until tea is running all over the floor. The student stops him and asks why he continued to pour long after the cup was full. The monk replied that the cup represented the student, who was already full of so many ideas about things; the monk would not be able to teach him anything new, because the student’s “cup” was already full.

While this story is often told in relation to learning something, the concept can be can be applied to our own lives and our ability to be filled by this moment. We talk about our “plates” being full, but full of what? When we are full of ruminations, memories, score sheets and expectations – in other words, stories from the past that are constantly being rehashed – we become so distracted by what’s going on in our minds, we miss a lot of what’s happening around us. Our lives become dull, frustrating, constricting and washed out. We wonder if this is all there is.

Yet, there is another way….

“All of it was new to him. After a life of sameness and predictability,
he was awed by the surprises that lay beyond each curve of the road.”
~ Lois Lowry, The Giver

painting (in process) © ces
painting (in process) © ces

We too can be “awed by the surprises that lay beyond each curve of the road.” We can choose to pay attention, to be mindful,

holding vigil for what’s happening right now.

We open ourselves to the experience at hand, engaging all of our being-ness in Just. This. When we savor something, some moment, it imprints on us in some way. We are changed by the experiences for which we are most present; the memory and the lessons we can carry in our hearts.

Both our Joys and our sorrows can be savored. I don’t mean that we ought to roll around in them, but we can look deeply into the mystery and miracle of them, sit with them and be touched by them. If we can find and receive all the blessings of whatever is happening in the current moment, perhaps we will be filled with appreciation and gratitude, we may even be humbled a little by the experience. We are shown the poignancy and beauty of life; and we understand that life is bittersweet, always, because nothing ever lasts; the experience itself must be let go.

When we choose to live in technicolor, we create a rich tapestry that is our life.

“What words could you use which would give another the experience of sunshine?”

~ Lois Lowry, The Giver

~ Invitation ~

When savoring our life in technicolor, we are in touch with all our senses:

What do you see all around you? color, texture, pattern; light and shadow?

an amazing view, or the beauty of the mundanity of the familiar view?

What sounds are there? music, which has the ability to send you through time and space?

birds chirping, a dog barking? the drone of machinery or traffic?

What smells are there, the scientifically proven number one trigger of memory?

What textures are there? on your clothes, in your environment?

What have you eaten today? did you actually experience your food before you gulped it down?

How does all this make you feel? in your heart? in your mind? in your gut?


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