How to shake things up!

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

"Let us then dare something" by Christi Williams
“Let us then dare something” by Christi Williams

Why is it when people talk about habits they tend to talk about bad habits? What about the good habits?

Everyone has habitual things that they do each day like getting up, brushing their teeth, walking the dog and making meals just to name a few. Those habits can be pretty important to life on planet earth.

Then some people have other habits that they engage in because it lights them up.
You may be one of those. You love to exercise or writing in a journal, perhaps you meet with a group each week that encourages growth in a particular field.

Breathing is a habit I am attached to. My body is habitual in the in and out of breath. There are infinite habitual activities that our physical body engages in each day.

But, the question is what is habitual that doesn’t serve you any longer? Habits can be wonderful! They can be contribution to our lives!

But some habits don’t serve us any longer. Like an obsessive compulsive we hang on to something way past it’s due date just because we are used to it. We always did it that way. What if there was another way for you-a better way-in that it was more of a contribution to your life?

I have recently been getting up earlier and enjoying it. My habit was to sleep later-I have that luxury but now getting up earlier has produced some unexpected gifts.
I have been getting up earlier to walk my furry friend at a local park and discovered many people doing the same thing. The dogs socialize which is wonderful for Jack and I have a new friend. I wouldn’t have met her if I hadn’t got up earlier because our paths wouldn’t have crossed. At the moment getting up early is serving me and Jack very well.

But I have a saying whenever I say I will never do something again-never say never because I never know what the future holds for me and something could change. Sleeping in might be the next best thing at that time!

Our habits can shelter us from the infinite possibilities that are available to us. We eat at the same restaurant, go to the same place for vacation and do the same exercise every day. But what are we missing if we would only try something different? What new place awaits your discovery? What new exercise will change it all up for you?

Same old, same old can be boring. Habitual activities can put us in a box of our making-however pretty-but a box is still a box. I myself want something more.

After all there are infinite possibilities available to us and with two questions you can open yourself to more. What else is possible? How can it get better?

Your life dear ones was not meant to be live by routine. Your life was meant to be joyously engaged in and like the child of the universe that you are, you are meant to be curious. It is your essential nature. For some it is hidden deep in the depths of worry, anxiety or otherwise known as fear. Your habits are merely the mechanism that you use to feel safe.

What might happen if you tossed a few of out or if that is too hard, set them aside for a few days and see how your life might change. Just because it is Friday doesn’t mean that you have to read Bliss Habits. You could wait until Saturday. (smile)

We highly recommend a little irregularity daily. It shakes the energies up and shakes you up enough to be able to experience something different that might be quite wonderful!

Shake, shake, shake…….

Go For It –The Joy!
Linda and The Group


Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

Join her each Friday on Bliss Habits for an inspiring take on each of the habits.


19 thoughts on “How to shake things up!

  1. What a wonderful idea, to change habits, I have a habit of going for a walk every day, but I like to walk somewhere different, rather than the same place every day. I used to eat the same thing for breakfast every day, but now I’ve changed my “eating” routine, and now having something different each day. Life gets boring and mundane, doing the same thing day after day!

    • Exactly! You never know what new adventures await around a corner and unless you change it up we will never find out!
      Thanks Julienanne for the your comments. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Linda, Great article! I do have several habits that I practice daily to help me stay calm, positive, and focused. One of them is to make sure I do deep breathing exercises throughout the day. I also like taking a few minutes every day to focus on what I’m grateful. These two habits have made a big difference in how I feel! Now I will take your suggestion and shake things up by adding some changes to my routine.

  3. Great post… I happen to not have noticable routines.. I go with the flow. I don’t get upset like I used to because evryday is brand new. And even though you have a certain habit, it is never exactly the same on any day… maybe you wake up a minute later, ot a minute sooner.. it’s always different. Changing things up can make you more fexible in tought and behavior…

  4. Hello Linda,
    what a great article to help us “search” for habits that we can practice every day to assist us be sane, positive, focused and grounded.
    I have one that works at all times… meditation 🙂 and while doing that, a sense of gratefulness come upon me at all times.
    I guess I must have some others, but for now these two keep me going very well, no matter what days come along… always grateful to be able to mediate 🙂

    Taking your suggestion to shake things up with some changes will be something I look forward to.
    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom…

  5. Hi Linda. I totally agree there are good and bad habits, and it’s sensible to throw out the habits that are not serving us anymore. I’ve had such a crazy life – lots of moves, lots of different kinds of jobs – that some of my habits are very comforting to me. I love to ready mysteries in bed at night before I go to sleep. I eat at a number of restaurants, but I usually eat the same thing at each restaurant. But thank you for the reminder that I need to periodically review my habits.

    All the best,

  6. Linda,
    I find that even when I try hard to keep my routine simple and the same, the universe has a different intention. Something inevitably comes along to shake up my serenity and security and regular, habitual ways. When that happens I just say to myself “Okay,” and eventually the crisis or dilemma, frustration or item that requires immediate attention, is handled and completed. Then I usually return to my comfortable routine and smile with ease.

    Dr. Erica

  7. Great post and ideas shared here, thank you!
    Good habits are the mother of success. At the same time I like diversity, challenge and experimenting new things.
    I believe the secret behind success is to keep the right balance between “challenge” and a healthy “routine” that keeps us on track.
    We need to be able to measure our progress so for each one of us this balance is personal.

    • Balance is always the key. And I have found that sometimes that my body wants some things changed up now and again. Brushing teeth isn’t one of them 🙂 The type of exercise is do is!
      Thanks for your comments! I love to hear the feedback!

  8. Hi Linda,

    Yes it is a good idea to change our habits as we can learn and see so much more by doing the unexpected.I like to bring my dog for his walks at different times of the day as I meet very different people . mid morning I will meet an retired person and get there perspective on life and the early morning it is families enjoying the fresh air.

    Take care Rosemary

    • When I write I am always inspired by The Group and it is as much a reminder for me! I have been getting up earler to walk my dog and found a wonderful group where my Jack gets to socialize more. It has been good for both of us!

  9. What a wonderful idea Linda! Shaking things up and allowing new habits to form is an important aspect in business and life as we’re constantly evolving and working to better ourselves. It allows us to open our mind to new possibilities and keeps us agile and aware of all that’s around us!

    • Hi Rebekah!
      Exactly and how wonderful that you have that figured out. Change is a constant and our curious nature should be nurtured. Sounds like yours was and is!

  10. I like trying new things from time to time. One time my family and I decided to eat breakfast at IHOP instead of going to the restaurant we normally go to and my husband saw this Polo player from the Philippines who happen to have a game in the afternoon. As a result, we got invited to the game and got to watch one for the tirst time — for free!

    • Isn’t it amazing how one act can change things up? Have you ever wondered what inspiration or guidance was calling you to that? Your example is an affirmation to the infinite possibilities that await us if you follow it. Congratulations!

  11. Habits are nice, but doing something different sometimes brings inspiration or the possibility of discovering something new… at least that has always been something I look forward to.

    • Me too Nile 🙂
      I often wonder when I decide to go somewhere different what might unfold. Today because I stopped for a latte at a different spot I met a young man directing a Bollywood movie that he had written. He was in his joy and it was a joy for me to share that with him and celebrate who he was!

    • It is possible to form new habits Jose and as long as we are open to change, we will change that habit when it doesn’t serve us any longer. Sometimes habits serve us well even if they don’t look like a good one. A great question is “What is right about this I am not getting?” Once we figure that out it is often easier to choose a new direction.

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