How to use Empowering Questions to have a Totally Awesome Day!

Lift-off, by Jeanie Tomanek
Lift-off by Jeanie Tomanek


I have heard of the concept of “Morning Questions” for years. Like many personal development ideas, it has been relegated to the “what a great idea (but I won’t really do it)” category. The idea behind the practice is to to make a deliberate choice with regard to your first thoughts of the day.

It is easy to see “Holy Crap! Is it 6:00 am?” as not being the most powerful way to start your day. But why does making a conscious choice make a difference?  The reason is our mind is ALWAYS asking questions and GETTING ANSWERS.

“What is for Breakfast?”

“What should I wear today?”

“Why is the top off the toothpaste again?’

Humans can’t help it, unless we consciously put something else there our mind will find something to ask and these mundane time fillers really have no important impact. We will mange to handle these things whether we fill our mind with them or not. Instead if we ask things like:

“What am I grateful for?”

“What is the best thing that could happen to me today?”

“In what ways is today going to be totally awesome?”

Our mind will do it’s best to answer them and send us in those directions. Because our mind is hard wired to do it’s best to answer it doesn’t even matter if your if your question is based in reality.  Of course with this being the case, isn’t it worth it to make those questions extremely empowering?!

I have shared previously about my ongoing difficulty with starting a meditation practice  and while similar in intent, developing a morning question practice seems so much more doable. So what will my questions be?

This week I think I will start with:

“What can be done today to forward my mission to leave the planet a better place then when I arrived?”

“How can I make this a great day for my family?”

“What inspiring and quirky thing do I want to try, for the fun of it?”

How about you? Do you already have a practice to ask empowering morning questions?  If you do, or are planning to join me in starting one, what will you ask?



Here are some great resources on the power of morning questions:


2 thoughts on “How to use Empowering Questions to have a Totally Awesome Day!

  1. This was good food for thought, Kathy! I like the idea of making empowering questions and choices part of the morning! I make a morning to-do list of sorts, but I like the thought of narrowing things down to a few essentials that just might lift the day in a great way. :o)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    so glad I found your blog!

    Your words about questions resound strongly with me.
    I really like your question “What inspiring and quirky thing do I want to try, for the fun of it?”

    Through Rikka Zimmerman (a talk about Access Consciousness) I was introduced to asking questions which made a lot of sense for me. Then I learned about ‘Afformations’ which is basically an affirmation turned into a question which then gets our internal search-engine onto the job of finding answers or evidence.
    I like the question: ‘How can it get any better than this?’ which Rikka shared in her talk.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!
    Love and Light

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