How to Wish on a Dandelion

“Seeds in the Sky” by Hallie Lu Ya
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As you can tell just by looking around here, dandelion wishes are special to me. I not only chose the motif for my blog I make a point of wishing on them regularly. I have led a blessed and lucky life, I feel there is no coincidence.

I thought it would be fun to conduct a full blown inquiry into the magic of dandelion wishes. Let’s begin with a little tutorial:

How to Wish on a Dandelion


  1. First look for the fluffiest dandelion you can find. The seeds should be about to fall off but it is best when none have already done so. If you are lucky enough to happen upon a patch of them you will easily tell which of the stems is crying for your breath. Pick that one and don’t make the magic wait any longer.
  2. Pick the dandelion carefully. You don’t want to send any seeds on their way prematurely. If the wind is blowing you may need to block the breeze with your body as you prepare your seeds for flight.
  3. Once you have your stem, it is time to think about your wish. Important rule, never tell anyone for what you are wishing.* If you are making a wish primarily for yourself it is always a good idea to tack one on for a friend. It always helps a wish to travel with a friend.
  4. Continue thinking about your wish as you take a deep breath. Hold the fluffy head of your dandelion near your mouth and turn carefully in the direction of the breeze. This insures a good flight for your wish and keeps all the seeds from landing on your clothing or in your hair.For the magic to be at it’s best you must blow all the seeds off with one breath. If you do not accomplish this, some superstitions raise questions about the stability of your love life, however I usually just find another and try again.
  5. Take a few minutes and watch as your wish floats out of sight. Don’t rush this part. Part of the magic is knowing that your intentions are being sent far and wide. Watching until the last seed is out of sight helps the wish come true.

A Collection of Dandelion Folklore and Fact

make a wish, dream big by MarianneLoMonaco
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A quick little google will lead you to dozens of interesting sites about dandelions. Here are few facts that were new to me.

  • Dandelions are originally from Asia and were brought to this country in the 1700’s mostly for medicinal purposes. The leaves have been used as medicine by Arabian physicians before the year 1000.
  • Despite it’s prolific spread across America’s lawns it hasn’t as of yet, taken root in the wild of the southern hemisphere.
  • The word Dandelion comes from the French name for the plant dents de lion. This means teeth of the lion and refers to the jagged edges of the leaf of the plant.
  • Dandelions are an important source of food for bees because they bloom early and virtually all growing season long, providing abundant pollen for food. It is estimated that nearly 100 species of insects count on this pollen for food.
  • Dandelion is grown as a crop in Belgium. It is considered against the law to cultivate dandelion within the city limits of Pueblo, Colorado.

Folklore says that blowing the seeds off a dandelion is said to carry your thoughts and dreams to your loved one. At least, so they say… Source: “Unusual Vegetables, Something New for this Year’s Garden,” Rodale Press Emmaus, PA.

Others claim that the number of seeds remaining after blowing the seed head, are how many years you have left to live. A common belief is that the number of seeds left is the time, this gave rise to the term dandelion clock for the seed head. The dandelion flower opens an hour after sunrise and closes at dusk giving rise to the belief that it is a ‘Shepherd’s clock’. Source: “The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought,” by Alexander F. Chamberlain

“Are you separated from the object of your love? Carefully pluck one of the feathery heads; charge each of the little feathers composing it with a tender thought; turn towards the spot where the loved one dwells; blow, and the seed-ball will convey your message faithfully. Do you wish to know if that dear one is thinking of you? blow again; and if there be left upon the stalk a single aigrette, it is a proof you are not forgotten. Similarly, the dandelion is consulted as to whether the lover lives east, west, north, or south, and whether he is coming or not.” Source: “The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought,” by Alexander F. Chamberlain

Folklore has an interesting spin on determining whether or not you are loved. Instead of picking the petals off a daisy, try blowng the seeds off a dandelion globe. It’s said that if you can blow all the seeds off with one blow, then you are loved with a passionate love. If some seeds remain, then your lover has reserveations about the relationship. If a lot of the seeds still remain on the globe, then you are not loved at all, or very little. Source: “Unusual Vegetables, Something New for this Year’s Garden,” Rodale Press Emmaus, PA.

“The dandelion is an excellent barometer, one of the commonest and most reliable. It is when the blooms have seeded and are in the fluffy, feathery condition that its weather prophet facilities come to the fore. In fine weather the ball extends to the full, but when rain approaches, it shuts like an umbrella. If the weather is inclined to be showery it keeps shut all the time, only opening when the danger from the wet is past.” Source: “Camping For Boys,” by H.W. Gibson


And what Inquiry would be complete without my ETSY take on the topic?

‘Dandelion Wishes’ by Bliss Habits

A collection of not quite black and white dandelion dreams!

flower photo pale green…


Make A Wish Dandelion S…


Natural Flower Photogra…


Silver dandelion neckla…


Dandelion Seed Silver R…


Indigo Prairie Song Fin…


Winter Grey Minimalist…


Dandelion Locket – Recy…


Dandelion(Flying Seeds)…


Just Dandy 8×10 Fine Ar…


Dandelion Seed Necklace…


Whisper – Cut Paper Art…


Dandelion wall decal se…


Wedding Wish Tree Tags …


Charcoal Gray Mid-Centu…


Goodbyes – 10×10 Fine A…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


Given that spring may not have sprung yet in your neck of the woods, you may not be able to launch your own dandelion wishes today. If that is the case let me know in a comment what your wish might be and I will have my seven year old wish it for you. For it is a well known fact, in these parts (my home!) that violating the “share your wish with no one” clause in the instructions above* can be ignored when anyone under the age of 10 is doing the wishing for you!

What is your dandelion wish today?


13 thoughts on “How to Wish on a Dandelion

  1. I have a long history with dandelion wishes 😉

    As kids we called them ‘nonnos” I think because the Italian word for grandpa is Nonno and maybe they reminded us of old men!

    To this day I still squeal in excitement when I see a “Nonno” and make my wish. Last summer my husband took a photo of me about to blow and wish and it’s one of my fave photos ever!

  2. Kaeselle says:

    Its my first time to see dandelion yesterday but I did not know you can make a wish to it. May I ask your child to whisper a wish for me? I wish happiness, prosperity and good health for my family. And most of all, that reconciliation and peace to my marriage. Thank you so much. Love and Peace~

    • Bliss Habits says:

      My girl is 9 years old now and still loves wishing on dandelions! Yes of course we will make that wish for you!

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