I just love the #StuffMyGirlSays
– the interview with my 3 year old

If you are a regular follower of Bliss Habits you likely were expecting my regular Saturday blog party post. Well, SURPRISE!! I’m shaking things up a bit! Last week’s Speaking of Anything hop is still underway and accepting YOUR posts if you care to share something do head over there!  Next Saturday we’ll be back with the Speaking of Joy blog hop, so get ready for a happy and fun party sure to put a smile on your face!

And to get the delight flowing immediately, I thought I’d share a little interview I conducted with my daughter when she was three.

The Girl then!


1. What is something that I always say to you? 

“Drums and coffee and trees and there’s more.”

What else?

“Don’t eat that.”


2. What makes me happy?

“When I sing.”


3. What was Mommy like when she was a child?

“You were SO SO Small. You liked basil when you were an itty bitty baby and I used to carry you around in a blanket and I wished you would grow up! And now you are my mommy.”


4. How old am I?

“So big. 100”


5. How tall am I?

“That short down (pointing at my foot) and this short up (pointing at my head). That’s how tall you are.”


6. What is my favorite thing to do?

“To dance and sing with me.”


7. What do I do when you’re not around?

“You miss me.”


8. What do I do for my job?

“You cook with me and you snuggle me.”


9. What’s my favorite food?



10. What do you and I do together?

“Lots and super lots of stuff, and we do crafts together.”


11. How are you and I the same? 

“We have different color hair.”

That’s how we’re different. What makes us the same? 

“Both of us like noodles.”

12. Where is my favorite place to go? 

“Small World After All Jungle”


13. Why does Dad go to work?

“Cause he will come back soon. Because he has to do work there.”


14. What kind of work does dad do? 

“Computer work. When I go to his work and I will see what he does. I am going when I am bigger.”


15. Who is my best friend? 



16. What do Mommy and Daddy do when you go to bed? 

“They kiss me and I kiss and hug you guys”


17. What do you want to do when you grow up?

“Plant some flowers and turn on lights and be little again”


18. What do you want to be when you grow up?

“An alligator. An alligator sounds like fun to me.”


19. Is there anything I should tell the people who are going to read this?

“You are really going to love it!”


20. Do you have any final words Sweets?

“Yes I do!”

What are they?

“Butterfly Wings!”


You’re next! If you have a child, interview them! It is a total blast and you never know what they are going to say! If you don’t have your own small children, borrow one! You’ll both have the best time!

Tune in tomorrow when I ask her the same questions again, to see what the 4yo has to say!

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4 thoughts on “I just love the #StuffMyGirlSays
– the interview with my 3 year old

  1. Karen B says:

    This is brilliant!!! What a great way to record how your child grows. Mine are all grown up now (well the youngest is nearly 14) so I can’t do it 🙁

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