I just love the #StuffMyGirlSays – the interview with my 5 year old

Holy heck! I almost blew it!! Last year I shared two super fun interviews with my daughter. One from when she was three and the other when she was four. At the time when I did the four year old interview she was nearly five, in fact she told you all that in the interview, so I made a mental note to do her five year old interview “in a few months” to get some time between them… anyway as these things go, here I am only a month away from her sixth birthday so I had better get cracking!!

My Five year old on her field trip
My Five year old on her field trip


1. What is something that I always say to you? 

“Good Night”

What else?

“Once you said, Let’s have a skipping party.”


2. What makes me happy?

“Me hugging you.”


3. What was Mommy like when she was a child?

“You liked being with your mom and going to school.”


4. How old am I?

“I don’t know”

Do you have a guess? “I think 40, is it true?”


5. How tall am I?

“90 inches long”


6. What is my favorite thing to do?

“Be with me.”


7. What do I do when you’re not around?

“Clean the house and work on your computer and also newsletters for school.”


8. What do I do for my job?

“Take care of me and work on your blog.”


9. What’s my favorite food?



10. What do you and I do together?

“Play and make up new games and have fun.”


11. How are you and I the same? 

“We are part of the same family. We both go to school on Monday and we both like cats, butterflies and lady bugs.”


12. Where is my favorite place to go? 



13. Why does Dad go to work?

“To get us more money.”


14. What kind of work does dad do? 



15. Who is my best friend? 



16. What do Mommy and Daddy do when you go to bed? 

“Watch death shows.”


17. What do you want to do when you grow up?

“Everything in the whole entire world.”


18. What do you want to be when you grow up?

“Be everything. Even a tree.”


19. Is there anything I should tell the people who are going to read this?

“I can fly.”


20. Do you have any final words Sweets?


What are they?

“I can jump really high and turn into a butterfly. I like to dress up like a princess and my favorite toy is a doll named Baby Nancy. And my family loves me.”


Ha! It totally cracks me up that she still identifies my favorite food as “noodles.” I was pretty surprised that so many of the answers remained the same from last year. I didn’t review with her or even mention the questions from the last time out yet she still answered some the same.

You can check out her earlier responses here:

3 years 250
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Makes me think it might be time for some different questions! Except for that one about my best friend because I hope her answer remains “ME” for many, many years to come!

Now it is your turn! If you have children, or grand children, do your self a favor and interview them. They have such interesting things to say! I’ll be back next year with the six year old version…. here’s hoping I’ve moved on from “Noodles” by then!!

13 thoughts on “I just love the #StuffMyGirlSays – the interview with my 5 year old

  1. Kathy,
    This was hilarious! Loved reading it. 🙂
    The bit that made me laugh the most was her answer to the question “What do Mommy and Daddy do when you go to bed?”
    My son is 19 years old so I don’t think the answers he would give would be that fun 😉
    Actually you gave me really good idea. I think I’ll interview him for another project I’ve been working on!

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you Cigdem! I think an interview at any time could be very interesting. I interviewed my Dad before he died and learned some interesting things from him that I didn’t know before… As I’m writing this I realize that I have a ton of interviews to schedule!!

    • Kathy says:

      I love that too. She has been very consistent with this answer… sometimes when people ask what she wants to be when she grows up she will say that. I really look forward to seeing how it manifests!

  2. She is just TOO adorable! I always look forward to these interviews – I did remember that she answered noodles as your favorite food from last year. 🙂 And I adore that she wants to be a tree!

  3. How incredibly precious kathy!! Especially, “I can fly.” What a great idea to interview your child! (Time-travel NOW please – I wish I could go back and do that!) There are so many reasons this is a good idea besides it having created a beautiful blog post:
    1/ it pays such good attention to your child
    2/ it gives you insight into things you may not have known
    3/ it preserves a moment in time
    I’m in awe!

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you so much Lori! I really am glad I’ve been doing it. I really should come up with some other regular interviews as she loves them and I do always learn something about her.

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