In my wanting it rarely comes to me

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

“Ego Does Battle with Humility” by Jacquline Hurlbert


As I was musing upon the qualities of humility I had a few thoughts cross my mind. The first one was that a lot of people present a sense of humility that isn’t true. Let me explain.

By this I mean that some people are the “aww shucks, it wasn’t anything” when someone offers them thanks for a good deed. These people are not willing to receive appreciation. They often don’t believe that what they offer has any value and that any compliments cannot be true.

They don’t know how to receive.

Then there are the other people who are constantly telling you how many people like them and how much they are appreciated. It isn’t because they are not humble that they do that. They do that because they do not see how valuable and worthy they are.

They don’t know how to receive.

And lastly there are those people who are truly humble. They are quietly confident in who they be. They are willing to receive the compliments and acknowledgments if they come, but they don’t have to have them. Their value and worthiness is not outside of themselves.

They know how to receive.

I am pretty sure that if you looked around you would find that you know someone like one of these and that you are one of these or a combination of the three, depending on the circumstances.

There are areas of my life where I am quite sure of who I be and others where I flounder a little bit as I am figuring my life out.

Sometimes, I am not so confident and I find myself wanting that external validation. In my wanting it rarely comes to me.

Sometimes, I am very confident in what I do and I require no external feedback to feel good about it. From that place I usually receive acknowledgements.

Isn’t that interesting?

So in my wanting I don’t get what I think I need and when I don’t need “it” in whatever form it may show up-it shows up!

Hey Group-what is this all about?
We think that you have been articulating this in a way that will resonate with others. When you don’t feel a need for something you are in a more allowing place and that creates your goodness to come to you. It works with everything in your life. If you think you really, really need it then you most often will not get it!

But if you come from a place of wouldn’t it be nice then you release the resistance that blocks the flow of what is so lovely for you to receive.

There is not one of you on this planet that doesn’t appreciate appreciation and there are many of you that don’t receive it, only because you cannot.

Humility is a man made creation. Some people that are confident and sure of who they be, get judged for that. They are seen as not humble. In reality they are. They are not requiring any external validation from the world.

It is because you cannot see within yourself that part of you that could be that if you simply allowed yourself to get out of the way of yourself and your false sense of not being good enough. Do you get that?

You dear ones, are more than you can imagine and it does not serve anyone to judge someone else and it most certainly does not serve you to judge yourself as being too full of yourself!

Would you judge a child who is in delight of themselves for learning to walk? You would not. You would cheer them on with a big smile on your face!

When will you cheer yourself and others on in the same way?

And using the child example again with you, when that child is walking with total confidence would you judge them for being confident in their ability to be the magnificent walkers upon the planet that they are?

We know that you would not. WE know that you have within you the capacity to rejoice in others successes and see beneath any bravado that they may currently present to you and see the child beneath that who isn’t so sure about their worth in that moment or moments of time in your reality.

You are all walking yourselves home-together-no one gets left behind-truly in our books no one is left behind but sometimes-more often than you as a magnificent being of light and love-that part of you that is part of Source-part of us, you leave people behind.

We understand. You are growing into who you be. But it could be hastened with one simple action.

Find the joy that rejoices-find the joy that includes-find the joy that understands and remember above all to find your joy in order to be in your best energetic space to find the other joys!

You dear ones, are lovely, are unique, are loved and celebrated. When you know that to be true then you know that is true for all.

Awww….you are understanding. We are in celebration!

Go For The Joy

Linda and The Group


Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

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