Introducing the Blogversary-apolooza Merrymakers!

When I hatched my plan to host an Anniversary Party for Bliss Habits, I had NO IDEA that so many wonderful guest bloggers would want to participate. Honestly I am just BLOWN AWAY by the power, generosity and fun this amazing group of people generate on a regular basis and to top it off they have all agreed to lend their talents to the party. Each of the following talented bloggers will be sharing posts during the big Blogversary-apolooza and together we will be sending the original 13 Bliss Habits off in style!!

So please take a moment to peruse this marvelous bunch of super talented folks, visit their sites, say hello (let them know Kathy of Bliss Habits sent you!) and tune in here, starting on Friday May 11th, when they will be sharing more of their Merrymaking wisdom.

Sue Ann Gleason from Chocolate for Breakfast

Sue Ann is a food lover, food writer, food-based healer. (aka culinary nutritionist). She inspires women to trust their intuition, unravel their food (life) stories and take back their plates, one luscious bite at a time. Her entertaining, cutting-edge articles on nourishment, the psychology of eating, and the blissful benefits of chocolate have appeared in various publications as well as her own eco-friendly blog: Chocolate for Breakfast. When not working with private clients, Sue Ann can be found sampling exotic chocolates or building broccoli forests in her mashed potatoes.

Annie Passanisi of Happiness Advocates

Annie, Happiness Advocate and Whimsy Coach, is a second generation motivator, as well as a Chicago-based actor and writer. She is the author of The Spark Anthology, Whimsy for Wendys and Happiness Advocacy or How Positive Psychology Will Save Us from Zombies . Annie is 4’11″, bakes a mean cherry pie, loves Nat King Cole, and would like to remind you that your good mood isn’t a right – it’s a civic duty.
She can be found: Via her Homepage: Happiness Advocates,
Book site: Whimsy for Wendys,Twitter @boopboopbdoop,and on her Video blog:

Lisa Renee Wilson of Life Unity

Lisa is an Awareness Artist and owner of LifeUnity. She invites mindful exploration of the experiences of living – from meditation to the laundry. Through writing and art (encaustic, acrylic, and mixed media), she encourages everyone to journey with her into awareness. Current projects include a FREE online mindfulness project, the Wild Elephant Project, based on the book by Jan Chozen Bays. (Join the project at

To learn more about Lisa or LifeUnity and to be notified of upcoming projects (including course offerings!), connect with Lisa at, on Facebook , on Twitter ,and on GooglePlus.

Amy Grams of Nutrition Accomplished

Amy is a Nutrition Educator and Coach. She helps women over 40 who want to double their energy, lose 20 lbs. and sail through menopause without misery. She’s also a busy mom, avid reader and loyal owner of an English Mastiff named Allie, who outweighs her by a good 10 lbs. Amy received her nutrition training and certifications at Bauman College and also has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.


Chel Micheline of Gingerblue

Chel,from our own Tuesday’s with Chel, has this to say: I’m Chel (pronounced “shell”, short for “Michele”). I’m a 30-something contemplative artist & jewelry designer, curator, writer, gardener, art historian, long-distance swimmer, avid reader, and self-proclaimed philosopher. I live in Southwest Florida with my lovely family (my husband, my 6-year-old daughter, and a little zoo of pets).

Linda Adsetts from Go For the Joy

Linda is a healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

Rachel Papworth of Green and Tidy

Rachel is a passionate advocate for low impact living, and has (so far!) reduced her personal carbon footprint to two thirds of the UK average. She is the external evaluator for Climate Connections, a Department for International Development funded project, which raises awareness of the links between climate change and poverty.

Click here to join the Green and Tidy community, and receive hints, tips and inspirational stories. As a bonus you’ll get a recording of a decluttering masterclass absolutely free. You can also find Rachel on her blog, facebook and on twitter @greenandtidy.

Danielle Nelson of Life Unconstrained

Danielle is a hippie, teacher, artist, and signal-booster who believes in universal awesomeness. When she’s not dancing in mud puddles or playing in the snow, she helps passionate entrepreneurs and creative spirits clarify their goals, connect with their communities, take action, and get inspired.

Join Dani at Life Unconstrained, where she blogs about passion, inspiration, and living a barefoot life, grab her free Barefoot Living Guide, or connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

Deonne Kahler from Life on the High Wire

Deonne has pushed herself to walk the high wire over and over, and loves helping others do the same. You can find her at Life on the High Wire

She also owns a business called, and is Mom to Sam the Wonder Pup. Every chance she gets she hits the road with Sam and Sadie, her 13′ Scamp trailer, in search of national parks, small towns, and quirk.

Alejandro Reyes of Enso Journey

I’m Alejandro, but you can call me Alex. For a long time I have been a passionate student of life. Writing has been one of the best ways I found to share my thoughts. I’m a web designer and developer, and a full time geek and amateur calligrapher. I like videogames as much as folding origami or writing a good article. I find that I can learn from everything, I’m a student of the world and I will always be.

I write for Enso Journey, and I love to share my journey with the world, perhaps my mistakes can teach other people not to make them. If you want to keep in touch with me, you can add me to google+ or twitter.

Marianne Irvine of Grandeurvision

Marianne, also known as Miracle Mama blogs her wisdom over at Miracle Mama and Grandeurvision. You can learn all about her 100 Day Gratitude Challenge here. I recommend a visit today!

Miranda Hersey Helin of Studio Mothers

Miranda is a writer, artist, certified creativity coach, workshop facilitator, and host of the group blog Studio Mothers. As a business owner and the mother of five, Miranda is passionate about helping others live deeply satisfying, creative lives. She lives in rural Massachusetts, happily overrun with people, books, and animals.

Craig Gonzales of Craig Gonzales Tutoring

Craig is an American entrepreneur running a successful education company. He writes about business development and fun and provides small-level consulting for small businesses. You can find him at his website and on twitter @Craiggonzales.

Lori Carpenos of 3 Principles’ blog

Lori is a private practice therapist, consultant, facilitator, and writer. Coming from her background as a marriage and family therapist, and business and personal life coach uses her understanding of TheThree Principles, to guide her in her life and her work. You can find Lori on line at Lori Carpenos and Associates and on her 3 Principles’ blog.

Kat Dean via “A Ton of Puppy Love”

Kat has been a licensed massage therapist in Texas, trained at the Boulder College of Massage therapy, waited tables in Washington, DC, been a poll worker and volunteered extensively with the ACLU of Texas, Amnesty International and the OSCE. She is halfway to completing my paralegal certification. After her mother’s passing, she moved back to Austin, TX. Along with her own collie, Jaz, and her mom’s two collies as well. She says,”Everything in my life is new right now, but there is a ton of puppy love.”

Lori Lippincott of Loving Simple Living

Lori calls herself “child of the King, wife to an incredible man, mother to two energetic kids, minimalist, wanna be vegan, thinker, reader, and wanderer”. Blogging at Loving Simple and enjoying a vibrant, loving, present life, she would love to meet you and chat some more.

Catherine Denton of Winged Writer

Catherine Denton is a mixed-media artist and writer who loves weaving story into everything she creates. She enjoys hearing about life from the hearts of others and aims to honestly share her own through her blog and art. Please feel free to visit her blog Winged Writer, chat with her on Twitter {@CatherineDenton} or browse her shop. {}

C. A. Kobu of Wicked Awesome Business

C. A. Kobu is a business visionary and project midwife who helps gutsy people get clear, create and profit. She sees possibilities for you, which you didn’t perceive yourself. Visit her at Wicked Awesome Business and follow her on Twitter @CAKOBU.

Jennifer Ingle of Just Jingle

We all know her as Jingle, as in Just and there is nothing “Just” about her. All in, for fun, moxie and love, everything about her is Bliss. Ahh Jen,I’ve said this before, perhaps you should be the Bliss Habits mascot or something… Just say’n. (Go here to see her in all her fabulousness.)

Laura Fenamore of One Pinky

Laura is a Body Image Mastery Coach on a mission, guiding women around the world to love what they see in the mirror, one pinky at a time. She teaches women how to unlock the secrets to healthy weight and start loving their lives as soon as possible.

Her popular Body Image Mastery program is celebrated by hundreds of women who have lost weight, reclaimed self-esteem, and started bold, happy lives thanks to Laura and her proven programs. Learn more about her programs, invite her to speak on a program or at a conference, or place pre-orders for her book today at

Sarah O’Leary of Wellness the Natural Way

Sarah’s an herbalist, writer, entrepreneur and generally friendly person. Passionate about natural health and wellness, she’s spent years exploring the many ways to achieve it. She shares her wisdom over at Wellness the Natural Way and at Grown Up Mom.

She will soon be unveiling a new site Holistic Hot Sauce. Hop on over for a visit to sign up for the mailing list and be the first to get hot and saucy tips & stories for looking and feeling radiant and alive at any age.

Sandi Amorim of Deva Coaching

Sandi Amorim is a Coach & Instigator, out to rattle your cage and crush your someday thinking, so that you get on with the work you were born to do! She can be found at Deva Coaching sharing her slightly mad twist on personal development.

Tom Evans of Recipes for Fresh Thinking

Tom is an empath, a wayseer and wizard of light bulb moments.

He has written three books on what blocks creativity, what encourages it and how not all our thoughts are necessarily what we think of as our own. He is the architect behind a new consciousness-raising portal called Recipes for Fresh Thinking whose strapline “Change your Thoughts, Change your Mind, Change your World” says it all.

Find out more about his writing here And his work changing thoughts and minds here Recipes for Fresh Thinking.

Jamie McMillin of Legendary Learning Now

Jamie is a writer and software developer who homeschooled her three kids, and now dreams of starting a permaculture revolution. She is the author of Legendary Learning: The Famous Homeschoolers’ Guide to Self-Directed Excellence. Learn more by visiting her blog Legendary Learning Now.

Laura Chanelle of Two INFPs

Laura shares writing duties with her other half, Christopher Thomas, for their blog Two INFPs. INFPs are one of Myers-Briggs personality types & are often referred to as the Romantics. Together, their mission is to inspire others to cultivate blissful, easy relationships via no-nonsense relationship advice and tips for finding an incredible partner. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook 🙂

Efsun Alper of

Efsun is a classically trained actor, a volunteer teacher to little kids, a passionate advocate of art education in the classrooms, wife to the sweetest man alive and the mother of two amazing girls, Alara and Aleyna -her most creative endeavor yet. You can visit for her past acting work.

Lisa Alessi of Renaissance Learner

Lisa Alessi is a personal development and executive coach dedicated to working with people to expand their true potential by helping them remove obstacles to their success so they can lead with their personal strengths. For more information, visit





On Friday I’m kicking off the Party with a schedule of events and a complete listing of all the available prizes.

More then $1500 in total value including courses, books, coaching, artwork, jewelry, and gift certificates!

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