Thoughts on Growing an “Introverted” Business

Image by Shannan via Flickr

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Image by Shannan via Flickr
Image by Shannan via Flickr

Growth. Seed to sprout. Young to old. Small to large. More money. More responsibility. More, more, more.

There’s a huge focus on growth and bigness in the world of solopreneurs and microbusinesses right now. Selling retail? Why not wholesale? Making six figures? Why not seven? Lots and lots of big resources, focused around your impending bigness, and getting you there.

Which is pretty awesome, if bigness is the way you want to go.

But what if it’s not your thing?

It’s a bit like being an introvert in a room full of extroverts – when you can’t help feeling like you’re doing something wrong when you duck into a corner to catch your breath instead of chatting up boisterous strangers for hours on end.

You’re not wrong to do it your way.

Lacking that desire for bigness doesn’t make you a crappy business person. It doesn’t mean you won’t make money. It doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dreams. You don’t have to make big waves to make an impact. It’s simply a different approach to business.

Growing your Smallness

Eschewing the big, however, doesn’t mean there’s no growth to be done. Growth, in this case, isn’t about bigger/better/faster/more. It’s introspective, inwardly-focused. Defining success for you – outside of anyone else’s expectations or recommendations. Celebrating your own milestones – a new client, a project well-done, an afternoon nap – instead of whatever the industry standard is this week. Finding your own path, creating your own framework.

But most importantly? It’s about embracing all of that. Feeling comfortable with and proud of your smallness. A willingness to take each (small) step as it comes.

What are your small dreams?

Do you feel the pressure to go big or go home?

What is the hardest thing for you about embracing, and growing, your smallness?

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Growing an “Introverted” Business

  1. I totally agree with Lisa. I need baby steps – it’s all pretty new to me and I’m finding my feet and feeling my way – and I know that I need to go slow or else I’ll get overwhelmed and run away – and I want this one to work!

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