It might be rarer than we think…

"Where's Mantis?" by Tamara Magnisky
“Where’s Mantis?” by Tamara Magnisky


Wow, It is so interesting that three people in different corners of the earth can find themselves in the EXACT same place!  This week Tamara sends this baby Praying Mantis with this note, “It is a good omen to see one… (I’ve never seen one so small.)I am so grateful for this planet and all the amazing creatures that inhabit it! Every day I feel truly blessed to behold them. ”

January is off enjoying her daughters wedding this weekend so I suggest using a poem she has already sent. She tells me, the wedding “was fabulous, lots and lots to be grateful for, and really grateful for your thoughtfulness in grabbing a previous poem…”

And the poem I rediscover is PRECISELY what I believe we are all feeling: All gratitude starts with being happy about being alive.



It might be rarer than we think…
by January Handl

This combination of circumstance and
impulse toward consciousness…
In all the vast and inconceivable
largesse of the universe that we can perceive
and the even vaster portion that
is beyond our perceptions
we fragile and imperfect beings
are able to think about our own existence…
To be


YES! This opportunity is NOT to be wasted. Welcome to Gratitude week.

GRATITUDE – warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; very thankful.

For this week’s bliss initiative I suggest we all take a deep breath and get very present to the source of everything. We get to be alive! We get to notice the tiniest of baby mantises, we get to watch our daughters marry, we get to feel sand and even some sharp coral between our toes. We are having the most marvelous of experiences. We are privileged to spend more than a few moments enjoying what earth has to offer!

This week we celebrate being alive! How will you be doing it?

P.S. I started with a thank you note:

dear universe 1


Tamara and January are here each Monday to help set the mood for the week!

Tamara Magnitsky

Tamara Magnitsky, a child of the wild blue yonder,
has been an ardent student and advocate for poetry, photography and excellence in general.
She is the mother of a 6 year old daughter and a beloved wife.
She can be found most days.

Bio written by Cary Brosius ~Tamara’s husband  🙂


January Handl

January Handl is first and always a mother, has been a preschool teacher and parent educator for 25 years. She is currently the Director/head teacher at Gazebo Park School, and lives at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. She lives simply in awe of existence.

She calls her photo “hot tub bliss”  🙂

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