Keeping your world organized and free of clutter

You’ve met Alejandro of EnsoJourney, who visited Bliss Habits to blog about Joy. Today we have the other half of this fabulous warrior duo. Carmin Carmancho, better known as Kym, is the more organized of the two and a perfect choice for helping us all get a handle on our clutter. I think you will enjoy her wise advice!

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Living in today’s modern world is a challenge in many different ways. For most people, staying organized
and getting everything done on time is a true problem. There as many distractions as things that need to
be done and it is far easier to take a nap than it is to complete the work we have on our to-do list.

I have spent my life working towards goals, usually goals that have deadlines. But I have also had
times when there was nothing for me to do, and accomplished nothing. I have come to realize the key
difference to staying on task and keeping things organized at the same time. The big difference is mental

What is inside of you will be reflected outwardly in many different ways: How you speak, the way you
dress, how you present yourself, how your surroundings appear. Each person is different, but there is no
doubt in my mind that your attitude makes the biggest of differences when it comes to living life.

A few years back, my mind was in chaos, and as you might guess, everything that came out of me was
chaos itself. Once I began on the path to a positive outlook, things began to change. So here are a few
things that I know for a fact will help you become more focused, get more things accomplished, and
allow you to stay organized all at the same time.

Remove mental clutter, which will lead you to remove the physical mess.

Before you clean your physical world and keep it clean and organized, you must begin with your mind.
As soon as you quiet your mind, you will begin to see that your surroundings will no longer match your
state of mind. Work on your thoughts, and think of them as a river that must be contained. Calm your
nerves through any method you know, the options are endless. A quiet mind will not be able to stay
quiet if it’s surrounded by clutter, and soon you will begin to remove those things, and this time it will be
permanent, so long as you keep your mind clean first.

Before you know it, you will not be able to work on anything if your surroundings are messy. It happens
to me all the time.

Remove distractions, which will lead you to focus.

Once your mind is quiet, you will start removing physical clutter out of necessity rather than it being a
chore, you will notice that your area will never get messy, and you will begin to focus on what matters,
which is the task at hand.

Depending on what must be done, I try to remove all distractions. This is not always possible, but we
must learn to adapt in an ever changing world and accept that we won’t always be alone. In any case,
find what helps you focus, if its music, then keep it at hand, if it’s quiet lights or anything else use it.
Observe yourself and find when you are the most practical and focused, and imitate that scenario when
you are working on the most time pressing tasks. Some people work better in the morning or at night,
find that special time for you, and use it to its fullest,

Once you are focused, your thoughts will begin to fall in place and organize themselves.

There is no cookie-cutter way to learning how to be organized, but I find that the easiest is to not be
messy in the first place, and it all goes around in a big cycle that starts inside your mind. Once again, by
removing the mental clutter, you will have a clear picture of what needs to be done and the answers to
how to accomplish those things. being practical will allow you stay organized as well, create a method
that works and is not stressful, if you can find a fun way to get things done you are more likely to
actually do them.

Your aim should not be to become what some people call a neat freak. I have been there and it is no
fun. The aim to being organized is simply to get more of what matters done and less time fussing over
lost items, or forgotten tasks. Imagine being always on time because you never lost your keys, and
never having to rush to get things done last minute because you are behind on other tasks. Even better,
imagine having time left to relax and enjoy yourself. That is the motivation to having order in your life,
to make it easier, not more stressful

Act on each task as it is born

This little “trick” has been the most helpful thing I have ever learned. I mastered it when I was a
supervisor at a company that required me to work very fast and come up with new innovative processes
at the same time. I realized that most of my coworkers talked about ideas, wonderful ideas, but they
never became reality. The reason was because they never found the time to get things done.

My process is simple. As soon as a new task comes to life, get it done. No “later”, no “next week”, now.

You may wonder how this can possibly be done, but it can, it just takes some getting used to. When
you act right away, you are simply switching when you get to relax and have free time. Instead of
enjoying your free time now and waiting until the last minute to get things done, flip things around,
work now, rest later. You will be able to enjoy your free time 10 times better because you will know in
your mind that your tasks are finished. It is much more rewarding to take a long bubble bath after a long
productive day than it is to run around in chaos because you chose to procrastinate instead of getting
your work finished.

Remember to reward yourself, know your limits. Be open to making mistakes, they are wonderful as
long as you let them help you grow. It takes some getting used to, and it is not an overnight thing, but
it is well worth the effort. Be proactive instead of reactive, stay on your toes with a clear mind and the
world will be at your feet.


Carmin Camacho

My name is Carmin (mostly known as Kym). I am an artist and full time student. Life has shaped me as a unique individual who loves to create, my interests are wide and I enjoy many forms of art. I have explored writing as an art form since very young, speech and poetry were introduced in my life at an early age and since then my style has evolved to a freestyle approach. Writing like any other type of art form is very subjective to the individual, I find that creating a feeling and giving meaning and life to words is as much an art form as any other visual or fine art.

Through Enso Journey, I hope to share my positive outlook in various aspects of everyday living, as well as those deeper and more complex topics that are present in everyone’s life. Perhaps I can bring some insight into your life and show you a different perspective, or simply reaffirm what you already see. We are all here in the same journey of life and what best can we do then to learn from each other.

You can find Kym on twitter and on her blog, EnsoJourney.


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2 thoughts on “Keeping your world organized and free of clutter

  1. Beautiful reminder, thank you. As part of a mindfulness project I’m leading, we are following an excellent book with weekly practices. One a few weeks ago was “Leave No Trace”. It spoke exactly to that “do it now” that you mentioned in the post. It is a very challenging but rewarding practice and one that has made a HUGE difference in my life already.

    Thank you for a wonderful post!

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