Kicking off Passion week with the marvelous, playful crescendo of two passions colliding!

Tamara and Cary by Tanya McKinnon

Tamara is doing something a bit different this week. She is sharing  a photo of herself in front of the camera instead of in her usual spot behind it. This photo was taken at her husband’s recent birthday party and it really speaks to the delight and passion they share with each other. I was there at the beginning of their relationship, when the tension and warmth of their growing feelings was palpable in the air. Now, many years later, the feelings between these two and the marvelous playful crescendo of two passions colliding is ever present.

January finds this collide in nature too!

On Bee-ing Flowers  by January Handl

On Flowers

So blatantly sexual
erect, jutting pistil
stiff stamen, coated with the
other half of the equation
surrounded by the
vulvic vivid
petals that spiral
senses toward the center
of it all
heady aroma provides
drunken ecstatic
loss of mind

Makes me wanna be a bee.

On Bees

Slow meandering
gentle landing, begins
the dance,
complete focus
of stroke and caress,
lip smacking, tongue probing
tastes of honey dew
full body coating of the
juices of love making
creation is
sending flying a
satiated, heavy-lidded

Makes me wanna be a flower.

Yes, I want to be a flower!

And a bee!!

When passion is stirred correctly, I think that is always the result. Both parties are left wanting to be the other and themselves.  This collide has made me wonder how often I have tried to find, create, invite or otherwise cajole passion on my own. Sure it is important for passion to live in each of us but sharing passion, sexual, artistic, or otherwise makes the fire even hotter!

This weeks Bliss Initiative is to share your passions. If you love creating art, try doing so with a friend or loved one. If you have a lover create a passionate game together. What ever you are passionate about consider sharing with others. A passionate collide can lead to even bigger sparks!

With whom shall you play this week? What passionate delights will you create?

Let me know in a comment or stop by the Bliss Habits facebook page where we will be sharing and amping passion all week! Also, f you were inspired by the photo or poem today please let our artists know in a comment and/or consider sharing this post with your friends!!  

Tamara and January are here each Monday to help set the mood for the week!


Tamara Magnisky

Tamara Magnitsky, a child of the wild blue yonder,
has been an ardent student and advocate for poetry, photography and excellence in general.
She is the mother of a 6 year old daughter and a beloved wife.
She can be found most days.

Bio written by Cary Brosius ~Tamara’s husband  🙂


January Handl

January Handl is first and always a mother, has been a preschool teacher and parent educator for 25 years, and currently is an early head start home visitor in her community. She resides with 2 dogs and a cat in Boulder Creek and and simply lives in awe of existence.

She calls her photo “hot tub bliss”  🙂



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2 thoughts on “Kicking off Passion week with the marvelous, playful crescendo of two passions colliding!

  1. Both parties are left wanting each other.

    I LOVE that. The photo, the poem speaks wonderfully to that…and leaves the image of Unity passionately reaching within itself to re-member…. 🙂

  2. Sorry to be so late to the party. The poem was quite evocative and passionate. 🙂 I did share a passion this week…I started up a feature series on my blog again highlighting artisans. Just a way to give back and share other’s passions for their work.

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