May you hear the song without the words…..

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

“Song of Hope” by ValerieLorimer

My father recently sent me a short e-mail. “Memories those abstract ashes of times gone by, linger now in faded photographs; young faces smiling from the prints, squinting into long gone lenses” He then wrote, you know by now that I am putting photographs into my autobiography. Behind every face is an eager mind full of hopes and dreams and I find myself wondering if they found the love and satisfaction that they sought. Life is a rum go. Love, Dad” I do love my dad. Somehow he seems to have instilled in me a love of the written word. The apple apparently hasn’t fallen far from the tree 🙂

Lately the topic of hope has been rumbling around in my mind. The Group’s Missives of Hope and Joy, on Facebook, have recently been about hope. Hope is what keeps us going. Hope gives us a reason to get up and try again. Without hope we might not try to quit smoking once again, embark on a diet once again, start an exercising once again, pick up a self help book, try something new as we searched for a way into a better life or give to a charity or volunteer with the hope that we can make a difference.

We hope that things will get better. It is part of our humanity to be hopeful. Sometimes we may lose our way and hope may be temporarily set aside. But hope is never forgotten. It can and is resurrected over and over again.

The research scientist in a laboratory is hopeful of finding a cure. A doctor is hopeful that he can help a child to see or hear. Without hope things might not get done. Soulutions could lay hidden. A book or a song might not be written. Everyone hopes that their lives make a difference. We want to feel that we matter.

Children’s hope sits close to the surface, in their heart, waiting to float up at the slightest indication that you have faith in them and that things might just turn out like they dreamed of. That is all any of us ask for. We want to know that someone trusts in our ability to find our way and that they believe we can do it-whatever it is at the crucial moment-and perhaps that they will give us a helping hand, if we need it.

Adults do not need to be naysayers. We manage to do that for ourselves without any help, thankyou very much! What if we were to encourage others in their dreams, to help them take a small step towards their dreams. What if we decided to not be the one that said “get real”? What if we encouraged them to find a way and if that was too hard, just kept our thoughts to ourselves. Who are we to step on someone’s hopes and dreams?

Hope is all any of us want and need. It gets us through the dark nights of the soul. We can help build up the hope muscles or we can be the demolition crew. I choose hope.

Hope is abundant in the spirit of the season. There is a wave of goodwill that begins to silently work its way into the population of the world as most cultures have a celebration around this time of the year. It is a heart centred spirit that can set aside differences and encourages a reaching outward to others. My hope is that we can build it to a critical mass, so that one day we birth heaven upon earth.

And The Group lets me know that is occurring on our planet right now! The evidence is hidden somewhat-you have to look closely-you have to look behind the scenes and see through your heart that hope is perched in others hearts and you all want the same thing-freedom to live in joy-freedom to express and create in joy-you hope to make a difference and yet we tell you that you have made a difference.

Your journey upon this planet was not about making a difference upon the planet yet it is the by-product. You birthed yourself on the planet because it was the perfect playground for you to experience creating-to experience the different aspects of being human. It is in the expression that you make a difference. You may think that some are not doing that-you would be wrong. In every expression you co-create with someone else.

You have the opportunity to play with so many and they provide contrast for you. How would you learn to be courageous if there was no need to find courage? How would you learn about compassion if there was nothing to be compassionate about? How would you find a solution without a problem to solve? And so now you have a glimpse of what you are about on planet earth.

It is a wonderful playground and it is the best playground to create as you do. When there is no need for the contrasts anymore then it is done. But rest assured that is a very long way off. There are many souls awaiting their turn yet again. There is much that is on your planet that will give each of you an opportunity to express yourself in new and joyous ways. Oh yes-we had to get joyous in, for it goes hand in hand with hope.

And so in the most joyous of seasons as so many of come together with hope and joy in your hearts-may you find a way to carry that through your life. May you hear the song without the words…..

Go For The Joy

The Group



Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

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