Cultivating MOXIE

MOXIE – The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; vigor; verve; pep.

This page is designed to help you cultivate moxie right now. Stop by anytime for tips and inspirational reading on the topic. If you want to read all of the moxie posts go here or return home to see which topic we are studying this week.


**Please note this page is currently under construction. The JOY Resource Page is a good example of how all the pages will ultimately be arranged.

If you have ideas and/or input regarding what you would like to see here or in any of the pages please do let me know!

Also, If you are an artist, blogger, writer, lover of life who has something that would contribute to one or more of the Bliss Virtues and you would like to share your craft and point of view as a guest of this blog please let me know. I am eager to make Bliss Habits a sharing and collaborative space for all Blissful pursuits!***

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