One Blissful Epic! A Blogversary-apolooza’s Worth of Happiness in One Post!

Welcome to the Blogversary-apolooza wrap up! Okay, so it isn’t anywhere near over but I realized I wanted a place to collect all the fabulous wisdom that we are collecting during our celebration.  So here it is, far from complete at the moment, this post will reside over there –> in the sidebar and continue to be updated as we go along!

The blogversary-apolooza is less then a week old and ALREADY there is so much goodness here!

By the end of this, we will have a fabulous, inspirational collection of posts or One Blissful Epic.  As each post goes live, this post will be updated and in the end we’ll have a Blogversary-apolooza Worth of Happiness in One Post!

Let’s get started then, shall we?! So far we have the following inspirational additions to our Bliss Library! Do come back tomorrow when we add even more!

Creativity and Whimsy go Hand in Hand!


Jennifer Ingle from the delightful Just Jingle, takes us on a magical ride as she invites us to toss out the rules and embrace whimsy and creativity.

Ten Things I’ve Learned at Bliss Habits


Chel Micheline of Gingerblue and Bliss Habits’ “Tuesdays with Chel” wraps up her participation with the original 10 habits with the lessons she’s learned. Brilliant as usual, I’m certain some of her lessons will ring true for you as well!

See It, Be It


Showcasing some of her amazing encaustic painting, artist Lisa Wilson of LifeUnityinvites us into a little Bliss-Awareness and leads us toward the magic of this very moment.

Life with a Side of Silly


Danielle Nelson of Life Unconstrained,invites us to embrace silliness because even in small doses,(it) can open you up to a world beyond your day-to-day, a place of magic and wonder, progress and happiness…

Women- You are called


Regular Bliss Habits contributor and resident poet January Handl invites all women, mothers or not, to open your throat, surrender your doubts… and sing!

Lessons from my child. My Mother’s Day Retrospective.


My Top Ten favorite posts featuring the wisdom, whimsy and #StuffMyGirlSays from my favorite five year old.

The Blogversary-apolooza kick off. “Careful as a Moon Drop”
and better then breathing skittles!


This is the “kickoff post” designed to introduce the event and invite you to celebrate with me. It contains #StuffMyGirlSays and an unfortunate run in with some skittles! Hope to see you there!

Kitchen Sink Poetry


Merrymaker Jamie McMillin of  Legendary Learning Now was the first to kick things off with this marvelous idea which can bring any or all the Bliss Habits to your home!

The Amazing Blogversary-apolooza extravaganza #apolooza
with $1500 in prizes!


This is the post that launched the event. Continually updated as prizes are added and won, this will remain a terrific wish list for anyone seeking a little extra bliss!

Introducing the Blogversary-apolooza Merrymakers!


This post actually came out prior to the Blogversary-apolooza, however it introduces all the Merrymakers so I didn’t think this post would be complete without it!


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