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A near crazy cat lady couldn’t let a month of hapfullness pass by without mentioning cats at least once.

I mean look at this sweet boy.

The face of an angel.

(And just a click away from up close and personal.)


Despite what life has thrown him, Fluffy keeps his heart open and spreads love wherever he goes.


His early days were spent on the streets, protected by a feral mom who knew Fluffy was no match for the tough roads ahead.

She brought him to our house every day for food and water until he was comfortable enough to come on his own.

Whether a warm summer day or -40C, Fluffy eagerly appeared each morning from the kitty condo we built for him. He didn’t sleep there, but he arrived in plenty of time to ensure breakfast was never missed. And cheek scratches when he grew brave enough.

A daily dose of loving is just as important, if not more, as a full belly.


Torn ears remain the only sign from Fluffy’s two years of life on the street.

The tooth puncture wound in his chest, however, is as vivid in my mind as the morning first seen. Perhaps a once in a lifetime defense of his condo because we never saw this lover fight, let alone take a stand.

The November day Fluffy decided to come inside did not lead to the instant life of cushiness one would hope to expect. He spent the next 30 days at the vet while his shots kicked in. The risk to our recovering cancer kitty was too great for a typical integration. Like a trooper, Fluffy patiently waited out his time in the stark crate at the vet, enjoying our daily visits full of scratches and head rubs.


Twelve years hence has been another road traveled of digestive problems, fearing bags, vacuums or anything loud, saying good-bye to his best buddies, and finding himself at the wrong end of a grumpy orange cat.

Yet nothing stops Fluffy from his time in the love. From sunshine to lap sprawling scratches, Fluffy is our angel in fur.

We appreciate his loving way of life even more.


Fluffy came close to saying good-bye to us in the days before Christmas.

A week without eating, a suite of inconclusive tests and two baffled vets left him quickly running out of options.

Only an ultrasound was left to try. Results stumped the third doctor in a row – a never before seen belly full of honeycombed cysts and an odd structure near his colon.


The gift of not knowing is not knowing.

You either attempt on the best gut feel or make never knowing a given.

There is no end to meet, only a new day to embrace.


With a cocktail of drugs, energy work and more love than ever, a 30 day prognosis is nearing nine months later. No science can explain why.

Life flowing from Fluffy spills over onto us.

His angelic face, deep resonating purr, and lap time head rubs remind us daily how lucky we are for Fluffy’s continued fullness of living life.






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Lorraine Watson Follow Your Light

Not quite a crazy cat lady – yet? – Lorraine’s insatiable curiosity of life leads her to explore, question and push beyond the box. A self-professed “left-brained creative big picture idea” type, she has an intuitive knack for seeing possibility everywhere and in everyone, and is a moth-to-flame for being part of turning possibility into reality. More of Lorraine’s musings can be found on her blog.



10 thoughts on “Paws For Reflection

  1. Your fur-angel is sweet, Lorraine! And Fluffy’s story is a super-miracle. So happy Fluffy is still gracing your days. Our kitty Charlie turns 13 this year, so he’s a good middle-age boy. He still dislikes the sounds of plastic bags, aluminum foil being ripped off the roll, and other oddities. But he goes crazy when fresh chicken is cooking and expected a chicken treat…doing a little dance in the kitchen while he waits–it’s too cute. And he LOVES lots of cuddles. He’s my baby. :o)

  2. Hearing this amazing story of hope is so uplifting vs. all the stuff out here that has nothing to empower us. You have a gift with animals as well us your readers with the loving ways of a great caregiver. You have gained a new onlooker and reader.

    The memories of past and long forgotten animals who provided love as well as friendship better than most people. This has manifest based on your story here. It made me feel warmth long forgotten and a smile on my face.

    It is moving to have ones friend survive unknown challenges and all with the help of touch of love per say.

    Thanks for bringing long strengthening memories to life.

  3. I can feel your love by reading the story you share over here. I have never ever thought I can read such a beautiful story fill with affection and emotion.

    You are truly a pet lover and will be blessed for providing a comfortable home for Fluffy.

    This is an amazing story from the heart.

    Thank you.

    Pearly Quah

  4. Hey Lorraine,
    this is my first time reading any of your blogs and commenting… well, I have a feeling that we have a few things in common that soon we are able to support each others and make life better for someone.

    Your love for animals (well, fur-angel is sweet) and I am certain that the love that your Fur-Angel share with you is nothing more than the one you share with him.

    Your Fluffy’s story is inspirational and love to be aware that he is still around making you and others happy with his presence.

    I wish you and your fur-angel many, many more happy moments till your heart content.. both deserve it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. That’s absolutely beautiful Lorraine! We have two pups who are our entire lives so I can completely relate. One is a rescue pup and our joke is that he “loves love.” I’ve never seen a dog give or take so much love in my life. It definitely spills over every day into our lives just as Fluffy does in yours!

  6. I had a kittie named Fluffy .. animals are so precios… LOVE them.. Right now I have a Boston Terrier who is the “love” of my life — there’s no where else where I can get uncondidtional love. Mr. Pip is so smart. When I’m upset, he runs right over to comfort me … it’s just wonderful.. it will be a sad day when he passes on – hopefully not for a long time yet. He’ll be 9 years on my birthday (we share the birthday)

  7. Hello,

    Your kitty is gorgeous 🙂 His nose is so cute!! I’m a bit of a crazy cat person myself and cats just cheer you up 🙂 Whenever your sad they know! And they always make me feel better.. Your Fluffy has been through a lot and im glad he is looking healthy and happy 🙂

    I hope you both keep loving each other for a long time 🙂
    Kindest Regards, Jessica.

  8. I am so grateful for all your kind words of support for Fluffy. I know all the good thoughts sent his / our way are key to him being here. I also love hearing about everyone else’s furbabies and the difference they make in our lives. I’m not sure what I’d do without them!

  9. Many thanks for all the good thoughts sent our way. Fluffy had another recheck scan yesterday and continues to defy science. His stomach looks normal and the structure around his colon is not doing anything. I wish you could have seen the look on the specialist’s face – a pleased puzzled. Our marching orders is to return in 3 months! for another recheck and call if something changes. We’ll be one month shy of a year since this whole adventure began!

  10. A new, recognizable cancer was discovered on Fluffy’s bowel in November 2103 and he transitioned peacefully December 22, 2013. We were gifted a beautiful time together the night before with Fluffy purring as we held him and stroked his head. We are beyond grateful for this past year of watching Fluffy live Life to the fullest and being blessed for each day he was here, and always in our hearts.

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