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Welcome to PERMISSION TO PLAY! For late Spring and Summer of 2013, Chel Micheline will be hosting a creative challenge (a sort of  “summer camp” for your inner child here) at Bliss Habits every Tuesday. And she’d love for you to join her.

All you have to do is this:
Once a week, every week, make the time to HAVE SOME CREATIVE FUN– something that allows you to let go, drop the inner critic for a while, and just have fun.

Every Tuesday, we’ll do a little “show-and-tell” about our creative experiments- you are welcome to leave a comment or link up to your own blog post about your adventure. (If you want to know more about PERMISSION TO PLAY, click here.)  And since today is Tuesday … here we go!

Spaceship Earth at Disney World
Spaceship Earth at Disney World

If you spend any time with a kid, you probably know that they are very passionate about many things.

Many, many things.

You’ll often hear a child exclaiming some of the following:

“I love that song.”
“I love those purple light-up sneakers.”
“I love pizza.
“I love little fluffy kittens.”
“I love going to the park.”
“I love ….”

There’s a lot of loving and enthusiasm going on with kids. (And if you’re lucky, some of that enthusiasm will be aimed in your direction.)

However, one thing you rarely hear kids do is JUSTIFY their passion, their enthusiasm, by default. Adults tend to do that. “Oh, I just love ______, it’s so ______” Or “I relly love _____ because ____”. You never hear a kid doing that, automatically validating *why* they should like something so very much. You never hear a kid trying to justify *why* she is so enthusiastic about something. She’ll come up with a reason if you ask her, but in general, kids just know they like something because it makes them feel excited or energized or happy or content or _insert positive emotion_ here. And that feeling is more than enough for most kids.

So here’s what I want to know:
When was the last time you just felt *passionate* and super excited about something without following it with a justification, or an explanation? When was the last time you kust loved something or did something without there being a justification? When was the last time you were just *excited*, pure and simple, and let the fact that it made you excited be ENOUGH?

If you are anything like me, it’s been a long time.

So I decided to just quickly list the things that I *really* like, not for any particular reason but simply because I felt really strongly about them, in a good way. I tapped into my “inner kid” and asked her what she got excited about, and here’s her unordered list:

I’m passionate about:

swimming every day, my family (including my pets), gardening, writing, getting mail, art supplies, colors, well-being, sleep, order, lists, great music, movies, friendship, the humane treatment of animals, not over-scheduling, education, big giant salads with lots of olives and balsamic vinegar (I know this is kind of a kooky one, but I eat a big salad with olives and vinegar every day, and I’m pretty obsessed with salads in general), crochet, tea, sketchbooks and pens, possibility and inspiration, the color blue, SUNSHINE and blue skies, flowers, soft sheets, rainbows, chocolate…

And another thing that I really, really like is going to Disney World. It’s been too long since we’ve been there, so on Friday, Tom and I jumped in the car early in the morning and made the four hour drive north to Orlando so we could spend the day in Epcot with family. It felt very spontaneous – all day long I kept thinking “I can’t believe I’m here!” My inner child was delighted and enchanted.

And going with this PERMISSION TO PLAY challenge, I tried very much to just ROLL with the day instead of being the micromanager of everything we were doing. It wasn’t easy- I was constantly catching myself thinking “how can we optimize our limited time here? what should we do next so that we can do everything we want to do today? what’s the quickest path from here to there?”

And then I would look at Gracie and see her laughing and skipping along, excited about most *everything*, and I realized that “optimizing time” didn’t matter, shortcuts didn’t matter- what mattered was that it was a beautiful late spring day, I was with my family in a magical place, there were a lot of amazing things to see and experience. Just being there was exciting. Why would I want to try and find a shortcut? I’d miss so much!

By reminding myself that I needed to behave like a child just a little bit more, I was able to see things I never saw before even though I’ve been to that park at least a dozen times. I was able to slow down a bit and really enjoy myself the entire afternoon and that was probably the most magical thing of all about our little day trip to Disney.

So in that spirit, I’m going to try and bring some of that magic with me to other things this week. I’m interested to see what happens and if I notice a shift in myself.

I’d love to hear what YOU really like, what you are passionate about. Please leave a comment and share your list.

It’s never too late to join in. Simply have some creative fun and get ready to share it next Tuesday. You can leave a comment here or create a blog post over on your site and link it to Bliss Habits on Tuesdays. We’re even on Twitter: Kathy added a # to p2play to make #p2play for twitter! Share your creations there too! We are @BlissHabits (Kathy) and @GingerblueArt (Chel) if you’d like to copy us too!

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Chel Micheline is a mixed-media artist, curator, writer, and avid gardener/reader/swimmer who lives in Southwest Florida with her husband and daughter. When Chel’s not making art or pondering the Bliss Habits, she’s blogging at (come say hi!) or posting new things in the gingerblue etsy shop.

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  1. Here’s my list: wind chimes, purple…all colors really, flowers, bare feet, laughing, pedicures, caffe mochas, ice cream, chocolate, art supplies, painty inky fingers, baby geese and ducks, lists, office supplies, rainbows, cookie cutters, smooth stones, cozy blankets, my orange mug, books, container gardens, campfires, journals, my family (cat included) and friends, art, watching my kids play sports, sunshine, waterfalls and fountains, yoga, balloons, music, sunsets…

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