Point, counter point video debate! Audacity vs. Whimsy, who will win?

Are you ready for some fun today?? The Blogversary-apolooza is winding down but the excitement isn’t! I am giddy beyond words to have Annie Passanisi and Jennie Mustafa-Julock here to deliver the first ever video post on Bliss Habits! Here to debate that age old question Audacity (aka Moxie) or Whimsy, which is better?

When I asked Annie if she wanted to do a giveaway for the Blogversary-apolooza she said, “Yes, let’s do this big!” If you know these ladies at all then you know they DO NOT do anything small , so in perfect fun, over the top fashion they are also giving away not one, but 10 copies of Whimsy for Wendys!  Before we get to that though, let’s settle that debate: 



Thank you so much for that… I’m dancing with you over here!! 

What to know more about this powerhouse duo? Here’s the skinny… or perhaps it’s the phat, anyway reach out say hello, tell them Kathy sent you!  

(And when you are done, head on down the page for all the details on how you can win a copy of the sensational Whimsy for Wendys eBook! )


Jennie Mustafa-Julock
 (alias: The Audacity Coach) helps “pretty awesome” people elevate into Extraordinary Individuals with adventurous missions + lifestyles to match. With a background in Organizational Development Consulting, Coach Jennie diagnoses “suckdom”, delineates strategies + drives people to ditch their dusty dreams and drum up new ones that rock. Her clients ditch corporate jobs to become cruise ship entertainment directors, jump outta the classroom and into educational lobbyist positions, and leave government posts to pursue heart-fueled careers in pediatric nursing. If you feel like a bright orange starburst in a square-peg world, she’s the mentor you’ve been seeking.

Jennie’s WebsiteTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn

Annie Passanisi, Happiness Advocate and Whimsy Coach, is a second generation motivator,as well as a Chicago-based actor and writer. She is the creator of Whimsy for Wendys: Joy-Infused Living for Grown-Ups, and author of  The Spark Anthology and Happiness Advocacy or How Positive Psychology Will Save Us from Zombies . Annie is the founder of Happiness Advocates and would like to remind you your good mood isn’t a right – it’s a civic duty. She is 4’11″, bakes a mean cherry pie, loves Nat King Cole, and fully intends to survive the zombie apocalypse and live in a palatial treehouse.

Annie’s WebsiteTwitter, Vlog, and Manifesto


Together They Are the Co-Founders of 

A fabulous new community for “a tribe bravely teetering between launch & bankruptcy”

If you can say yes to ANY of the following then you should click immediately!

  • You’ve left your cushy day job to leap into entrepreneurship (hurray!) but you’re flat ass broke (boo!).
  • You strive to be a trailblazing, world-dominating, rich/happy/hot, TED speaking super-human entrepreneurial rock star in your own right…but you also gotta pay the friggin’ rent. (If you are one, we love you. Can we chat?)
  • You’re living the dream, and yet friends and family think you’re nuts for working so hard and earning so little.
  • You’ve discovered your voice. You know your value. You’re ready to rock – but can’t seem to find your footing (or enough clients).
  • You play nice with others, understanding that entrepreneurship and collaboration aren’t mutually exclusive.



Now on to our giveaway! Remember folks 10 of you will win. That means you have incredibly good odds!

Whimsy for Wendys

A stunning 54 page, full-color ebook filled to the brim with practical, immediately applicable ways to reclaim your childlike sense of wonder, zeal, and excitement.





How to win your copy of Whimsy for Wendys

1. In the comments below tell us, Whimsy or Audacity for you?

Bonus Entries:

2. In a separate comment tell us why you’d like to win.

3. Stop by Hungry Entrepreneurs Two Girls/One Tip Blog and take in a topic that interests you. Let me know here that you did so!

4. Tweet the following:

I entered to win  #Whimsy_for_Wendys  by @boopboopbdoop  & @CoachJennie in @BlissHabits  #apolooza http://bit.ly/JEgY0U

Do all four and you have four chances to win!

Winner will be selected at random from all entries received by Sunday, June 3, 2012

Modified contest rules: The first 9 people to enter here will win a copy. One additional person will also win as part of the BIG Kitchen Sink Giveaway which will be awarded on Friday, June 8th 2112.

Check out the complete Blogversary-apolooza giveaway list and learn how you can double your chances!!

 Good Luck!

13 thoughts on “Point, counter point video debate! Audacity vs. Whimsy, who will win?

  1. Whimsy for me. I’m not the boldest gal out there. But I love to dream and enjoy the freedom and innocence that childlike wonder brings. 🙂 Thank you for introducing us to Annie and Jennie! Such fun!

  2. Thought I had entered this already! I’m definitely a whimsy girl – head in the clouds, always dreaming of fantasy lands and castles and whimsical creatures.

  3. It’s a tough choice! I love to have fun so whimsy is awesome. But I’m getting bolder each day so audacity is on my radar too! Definitely need both 😉

  4. I don’t think it is really necessary to explain why someone would want, “A stunning 54 page, full-color ebook filled to the brim with practical, immediately applicable ways to reclaim your childlike sense of wonder, zeal, and excitement.” 😉

    But I will add that not only would I benefit but my children too!

  5. I tweeted! Yay! I love spreading the word of beautiful ladies gettin’ their passions out in the world (audaciously and whimsically and blissfully!!)

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