Presence and the Magic of Tea

Image by Scout Seventeen

Sometimes, presence is less about being in the moment, and more about how you react when each moment comes. There’s nothing inherently bad in any (well, most any) situation – what happens when you choose joy and magic over unhappiness?

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Image by Scout Seventeen
Image by Scout Seventeen via Flickr

Do you enjoy tasty beverages? I do. I’m a coffee and tea person. (And classic Coke, especially if it’s fountain-fresh.)

I drink a lot more tea than coffee these days, especially as we transition into the cold winter months. Earl Grey Cream. Vanilla Chai. Blackberry Sage. And my new obsession, Blackcurrant Ginseng Vanilla. (Seriously. It’s killer.)

But I have this weird sort of blind spot when it comes to tea. I make it, I steep it, I sometimes even remember to remove the bag/strainer…and then I absolutely, 100% of the time, forget it’s there. An hour or two later, I’ll find it (or be otherwise reminded that it’s there) – a nice lukewarm beverage at my elbow.

In our house, we call this “surprise tea”.

Because, you see, finding that tasty beverage, prepared just the way I like it, at a not-too-hot-to-drink temperature is The Best Thing Ever. Every single time it happens. It’s like having a magical tea fairy!

So why am I telling you about my weird tea habits? And why don’t I just, I don’t know, set an alarm or something? (Or maybe be a little bit more present and not forget about my tea in the first place?)

Because sometimes, presence isn’t about being in the moment as much as it is in how you react to each moment as it comes.

And that’s the lesson of surprise tea – it’s all about framing.

It’d be pretty easy to get cranky over the forgotten tea. It’s cold. It’s usually oversteeped. It’s forgotten, sometimes even until the next morning.

But instead it’s a magic moment, fully of happiness and glee, a little bit of silliness, and a tasty, tasty beverage.

Because there’s nothing inherently wrong with cold tea.

We all have opportunities throughout the day where we have the choice between crankiness and unhappiness or magic and glee. Missed connections. Lost sales. Broken dishes. Flat tires. Spoiled milk.

What if you choose magic? How can that rock your world?

Danielle NelsonDani Nelson is a geek and a hippie with a passion for helping smart, creative entrepreneurs make their businesses better. Her secret ingredients? Strategy, tenacity, tasty beverages, and two unshakeable beliefs: that you (yes, you) have awesome things to share with the world, and that marketing doesn’t have to be awful.

3 thoughts on “Presence and the Magic of Tea

  1. Surprise tea… I like that! And choose magic… I like that too! I’m very much a tea person, so I MUST track down some Blackcurrant Ginseng Vanilla–wow. This summer I got a Bodum thermos mug for my tea–keeps it hot for almost 2 hours. Great for long hours in the studio. I’m always surprised by how hot it keeps–nice surprise. :o)

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