Psst! I have a little blogging confession!

Guess what?

It is the official ONE YEAR anniversary of the start of this blog!! Woo hoo!! Cue the horns and confetti!

"Celebration" by John Conti (click image for details)
Proceeds from John's work benefit autism charities.


Hard for me to believe that this has happened so fast and also so slow (more on that in a minute!) When I started out I planned to cycle through each of the 13 habits 4 times in the year which theoretically would have me land on Surprise week for this momentous occasion but I neglected to factor in any breaks. So instead of a calendar year, I’ve come to think of the Bliss Habits’ year as four complete cycles through the habits.

This will be happening, along with all the requisite hoopla and celebration, at the end of April, but I just couldn’t let THIS specific day go by without saying something and to let you in on a little secret.

The once Bliss inducing, 13 Habits have become stale and uninspiring to me.

Some of my reluctance to admit this to you or myself stems from the fact that I was enamored with the fact that Ben Franklin studied the same 13 virtues for his entire life. If he could do that, surely I could last a bit longer. I also had some sort of “grit my teeth, this is part of the quest” syndrome going on in my head and I assumed there were great rewards available with my persistence. If I kept plugging away an epiphany of some sort was awaiting me.

Instead of epiphanies, this blog has started to feel like a job,  a tedious job, instead of the exciting game it used to be.

There it is, the important part of that last sentence: THE GAME

Way back when I started this project, over on my old Everyday Bliss blog, I wanted to find out two things. First I wanted to know if I could actually set life up in a way that would create Bliss. Second, I wanted to see if I could follow through on my plan to study my thirteen virtues for a year. I used the blog primarily as a way to keep myself accountable.

The game to delve into the 13 habits and to cycle through them was born.

Over the course of that first year I learned that while I couldn’t really “create bliss,” it continues to have a magical surprising quality for me, I could set up life in a way that gave me more opportunities for bumping into bliss. I loved the experiments, called “Bliss Initiatives,” I came up with and generally had a grand time sharing my progress with anyone who would listen.

The game was fun and over time an equally compelling aspect began to arise. People started following my blog! When I say people, I mean folks that I didn’t know previously. When I started I told a few friends, and asked them to check in once in a while to help keep me accountable, but I hadn’t really thought about “complete strangers” following along.

Next thing I know, I am making friends, visiting other blogs and generally getting excited about the whole world of blogging. In time I started to have some grand visions about how I could share my thirteen topics and make Bliss Habits a go to spot for Bliss and each of my bliss virtues. I wanted to foster a community of bliss seekers and become a professional blogger.

There I said it, “A professional blogger.” I became enamored by blogging success stories and changed my game from following bliss to “growing my blog.” Don’t get me wrong, It wasn’t an entirely conscious decision, and while I am committed to finding and sharing quality content, the bliss I had derived from playing my game was dissolving.

Conversations with two of my favorite blogging pals, Lisa of Life Unity and Sandi of Deva Coaching, helped me to distinguish this fact. Sandi helped me to realize that if I didn’t have something in the game for me, it was never going to be a passion. Sure, I could plug along creating a nice experience but I would never really be jazzed up like I was in the beginning. Ben Franklin may be able to do the same things for a lifetime but that just isn’t my style. I like to try new experiences and I love creating new games to play just for the fun of it.

While speaking to Lisa, I realized that my default disposition is to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” In blogging terms, this would amount to starting over with an entire new blog and just leaving Bliss Habits to languish. Any attempts at continuing to blog here would be rather uninspired and predicated on the fact that I was planning to move somewhere else very soon.

Not very appealing eh?

Particularly unappealing to me because while I am not thriving here at the moment, I do still love the place and all the great people I have met because of it. Then Lisa and I came upon the idea of remodeling this blog so that it could work for me. I don’t need to start over. I could just shake things up and set things up in a way that supported me being able to play new games, delve into new and different topics and genuinely get myself back in the bliss game for me.

Some of you may have noticed how very little of the content I have been writing lately. Yes I find marvelous guest bloggers (Thank you every one of you!!) and have introduced some totally awesome regular features from Chel, Tamara, January and Linda but my own voice has been silenced. I just don’t want to talk about the same 13 things anymore. So guess what? I won’t be!

We’ll be finishing off this 13 week cycle as planned and for three weeks starting at the end of April, I plan to celebrate the best of my original thirteen habits with lots of hoopla, prizes and fun and then at the end of May I will be introducing a bunch of new Bliss Habits, new games and a whole lot more play.

Yes, rather then a vanilla bland version of bliss that I feel like I have been pedaling recently, I want to share a more exciting, joyous, quirky, kick-ass version of delight that hopefully inspires all of us to bump into a whole lot of bliss.

I do hope you will join me.



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15 thoughts on “Psst! I have a little blogging confession!

  1. Hi Kathy,
    First, happy anniversary! Reaching your one-year landmark is a true accomplishment.
    I don’t think you should be hard on yourself for losing enthusiasm for the original topic and for becoming drawn into social media. What you describe are phases most of us go through, or at least phases I can relate to. Having a blog is a fluid project – especially a life blog. It evolves as you do. I like your original plan and I like your new one. Go for it but don’t stop blogging if it speaks to your heart!

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks Lori! Blogging does speak to my heart. I believe this shake up will help me reach it again!! Here’s to the fun to come!

  2. Efsun Alper says:

    Happy bliss anniversary, Kathy! You’ve done an incredible job here. I love that you’re shaking things up, and I’m looking forward to what comes next. You know, you’ll always have a sympathetic ear with me, anytime you need to vent, explore or experiment. So very excited for you!

  3. So excited for the future of Bliss Habits and the new game!!! What you’ve created here deserves celebration and fanfare and I’m really looking forward to the party 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you for being one of my muses. Now that I’ve confessed what has been holding me back I feel like I am in a great space to go all in for the party! Let the celebration begin!!!

  4. This is all so exciting! Most importantly, I hope you re-find the game, your ALIVE-ness, through all of this. I’m so honored to watch it all!!

  5. I love how you’ve shared this with us Kathy. It’s your blog, you can do what you want with it, and I’m a great believer that all bliss habits need to be tweaked or they become mundane. I’m looking forward to seeing how you grow as you return to your blissful blogging!

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks Jackie! Funny how it took me a while to realize I really could do what I wanted!! LOL sometimes I make myself laugh!

  6. Dreams are shape shifters. I know mine is. But underneath it’s still you. Even more you. And that’s the point, right? It’s great that you can let go and move on. That’s a skill. Congratulations on the realization!

  7. I love your website/blog! I just started following you – found you on facebook somehow. Anyways, definitely follow your heart and let things evolve in the way that feels best and right for you. I’m just really getting into blogging too. Interesting to read about others’ experience with it!

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