Quotable Joy — What are your favorites?

"Flutter" by marielliot

Wow, this week is flying by! I hope you are having fun!

Have you had a chance to look around the site yet? If you have, you might notice that I have segmented each of my thirteen virtues into their own different areas on the blog. Designing it this way makes it possible  if you are interested in, let’s say joy :), you could go to that specific tab and find a complete resource library on the topic. In time I hope to collect as many of the most useful resources and wisdom on each of my Bliss Habits so a person could pop in for a burst of inspiration when ever they need it. This is the Joy Resource Page so far.  This page and the rest of the blog are designed to be a collective resource. I expect I will be adding to each of the pages and categories extensively over time with your help!

You may have noticed the “Invitation” in my sidebar which says I am eager to make Bliss Habits a sharing and collaborative space for all Blissful pursuits! This means that I am looking for your perspectives too! So, if you are an artist, blogger, writer, lover of life who has something that would contribute to one or more of the Bliss Virtues and you would like to share your craft and point of view as a guest of this blog please let me know.

Today I am interested in starting a library of quotes about JOY. I don’t know about you, but I am always so amazed when I read these little bits of wisdom and I believe that each of us has a few gems to share! Also, because it is kick off week, each quote you offer, here on the blog, tweeted to @BlissHabits or shared on our Facebook page will enter you in a drawing for an 8 x 8 marielliot print of your choice! Whoot whoot! Do tell your friends!

2 thoughts on “Quotable Joy — What are your favorites?

  1. I love this site! Going to “like” it on FB and share the encouragement. 🙂
    Last night, after I had checked on all of the children, tucked the baby, turned off the lights and put the house to bed, I was overcome by that wonderful God-given feeling of joy and contentment. What a marvelous touch of God!

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