Rediscovering Fun

What Could Be More Fun? by Shane Anderson

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What Could Be More Fun? by Shane Anderson
“What Could Be More Fun?” by Shane Anderson

When the practice of fun (because it is a practice!) is a regular part of your life, it’s easy to grab on to, to appreciate, to see how it enriches your day-to-day. But what happens when fun is missing from your world, or even an infrequent visitor?

In the rush rush rush of every day life, especially when your focus is on business, when your priorities are so often created from goals and to-dos, it can be super-hard to see where fun can fit in, or why it needs to be there in the first place. And isn’t that a kick in the pants for those of us that got into this for the fun to begin with?

I’m not trying to be “Debbie Downer” here, but it’s true – the dreams we chase for the passion and the love and the fun of it (and the flexibility!) get bogged down in the day-to-day runnings of a business, a world, a life all too quickly.

But what’s the point of all the struggles is we can’t have fun once in a while? And hey – it’s the fun and the smiles and the laughter that get us through the struggles, right?

Recapturing and Rediscovering Fun

It might take a bit of work (which seems antithetical, I know), but it is possible to bring the fun back – I promise. After all, to paraphrase a great man fictional alien, being alive is the best thing there is. (But it’s up to you to make it that way.) Here’s some help to get you there.

  1. Make a (playful!) list.
    Take a few minutes and make a list of the things that make you feel playful, full of joy, and immersed in fun. Dancing in the grass? Listening to a silly podcast? Hanging out on the swing at your favorite playground? No matter how silly or impractical it may seem, if it’s fun? Write it down! Keep this in a prominent place (on the wall above your desk, on the fridge, in the basket on the back of the john) and add to it often.
  2. Remember why it matters.
    Think about the reasons you want to have fun to begin with. How does it make you feel? What does it do for you – mentally, physically, emotionally? Consider how a happy and joyous you is an all-around better you – better at your job, better at your place in this world, and inherently more awesome.
  3. Let yourself have it.
    Fun is a bit like magic, in that way. “Magic is really very simple. All you’ve got to do is want something and let yourself have it.” (That’s from Disney’s Halloweentown.) You know what you want to do (you have a list!), and you know why you want to do it, but it’s pretty darn easy to stop there. This is the most important step of all – the doing. All it takes is five minutes, at any point in your day – five minutes to grab something off your list and do it. Dance between phone calls. Paint between piece production. Riot in the midst of writing.
  4. Don’t have five minutes?
    Take five seconds, and have a five-second silly. Go on. We’ll wait.

Make it a priority, find the time between the duller moments. Embrace the fun. 

What’s your favorite act of five-minute fun? How do you keep the fun in your day-to-day? Share with us below!

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4 thoughts on “Rediscovering Fun

  1. Thanks for the reminder that it IS practice! I STINK sooo bad at having fun – when it comes to the kids, especially! This is the bump I need to get me into the habit of being playful with them!

  2. I’m just back from a two-week digital-sabbatical, and I made sure to allow a LOT of time for fun to unfold! Now to keep reminders for fun now I’m back to “normal”. ;o)

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