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Regular contributor Tracy Bakkelokken is back with YOUR appointment with LOVE!


“You have an appointment with life, an appointment that is in the here and now.” –Thich Nhat Hanh

Have you made an appointment with love lately? When was the last time you looked into the mirror and spoke a loving, kind word to yourself? Been a while? I thought so. Have you noticed how it’s easier to be kind to others before yourself? Yes, I thought as much. I’ve been there too, believe me, I have. Thankfully, love is power within us, and we can return to it time and again!

In the busy-ness of daily life we tend to breeze by or overlook our own troubles, or maybe even those of another person. By taking a moment to look into our hearts, we can then understand what needs our attention and care. If we take a moment to listen, our hearts will tell us much. When we take care of ourselves, we can then better be a vehicle to care for and help others. And when we offer love to ourselves we can better open up to give love to others, and receive love back.

To live deeply, we must touch love deeply. Those fragile, hurting or troubled parts of us will only heal once we tend to them. Reaching out for extra support can be helpful. Surrounding ourselves with supportive people can make a big difference if we’re carrying a heavy load. If someone turns to us for support, we can be brave and offer it. Being open to the experience of helping another person often has a way of helping us too.

I like to practice what I call Love in Motion–where I try to be conscious and skillful in my way of speaking, acting and thinking, operating from a place of love. To help this I do a morning exercise in the form of a self-guided meditation where I visualize myself being surrounded and lifted by brilliant white and gold light. The light is warm. It invites me to expand and keep growing within the light, and then out of the light. This is the love-light. This is me being in touch with the supportive love of the Universe. This light inspires me to wake up in the morning, to walk out into the world and be love in motion. To offer love, care and support to those I encounter. The Universe supports me in all these things.

The Universe supports you too! Try a visualization exercise or meditation when needing some extra encouragement. Our hearts, our love requires our presence. Show up to love. Acknowledge the tender places within the heart. When we’re standing in line; sitting next to someone, a stranger on the bus; or stuck in traffic– let us feel all the tender hearts out there. Take a moment to send love out to all those hearts. And then send some to your own heart. That’s loving-kindness. Everyday offers opportunities, no matter how small, for us to return to love–to think, to act and to speak from a place of love.

Let us go out and walk the love talk! Tomorrow morning, when we face that mirror, let’s be kind and loving to ourselves, and to each other. The world needs us to be operating from love now more than ever.





Tracy is an an artist exploring the path where creativity & spirit meet. She is currently engaged in art/painting, fiber arts, writing and photography. Her blog, A Life of Joy, is a place for creative living & everyday celebrations.

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