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Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

"New Orleans Ride Out the Waves" by Mimi Nouveau
“New Orleans Ride Out the Waves” by Mimi Nouveau



Recently I heard something on a web cast that tweaked an aha moment with me. It was pretty cool!

Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness was telling a story about a woman whose life was changing and she wasn’t liking what was showing up. He asked her some questions which caused her to remember that she was getting exactly what she had been asking for.

She wanted more flexibility in her work and she wanted to be seen as an authority. Bingo! The clinic she worked at changed the way that they wanted working and the people in her life were beginning to ask what she was this thing called Access, because it seemed to be working!

When change occurs we often forget that we have been looking for it all along. It isn’t random, though it can certainly seem that way if you aren’t paying attention. A good question to ask is this; “What is right about this that I am not getting?” The answer might surprise you.

I had been saying that I really liked to write and then along came Bliss Habits and more recently another on-line magazine. Mmmmm…this is pretty cool stuff!

So when change is happening in your life perhaps you can trust that at some level that you asked for it. You could even take that further and recognize that the change that is happening on planet earth has been asked for by a multitude of consciousnesses.

At first glance it doesn’t always look like we think it should. But, “what is right about this that we aren’t getting?” The question will always open us up to the infinite possibilities that are at play on planet earth.

The Group has already been flavouring this piece, so I will hand it over to them formally. (smile)

If you could but trust that the universe has your back then you would find that the flow of life would be a whole lot easier! Does it mean that you sit and wait for things to happen? No-but you do step into the changes when they are what you have been asking for.

If you don’t trust this process then you will forever end up at square one again. It will seem like nothing has been happening and your life is going nowhere. But what if your life was going exactly where you had asked and the way it was showing up was perhaps not what you had expected but if you just rode the wave, with total trust, adjusting for the flow, then you just might end up in the paradise of your own making.

What is right that you aren’t getting? Sometimes it is simply a shift in perspective and in that moment, you have your aha moment, the one that changes everything for you!

The universe has your back, we have your back, (those of you tapped into us) others have your back! You were not randomly plunked down on planet earth to flail and flounder about without guidance and without awareness, of the all the possibilities that are there for you and your planet.

You have within your magnificent beings a way to ride that wave….trust your awareness, trust that!

Go For The Joy
The Group



Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

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