Seduction! Humor! Romance! and MORE! My unfinished review of a really good book!

OK confession time. I’ve been foreshadowing that I would be introducing Gale Martin this week as a part of her exciting book launch.

What book? You might be asking.

This book:

Pretty great right? Needless to say I was excited to read it and introduce you to to Gale, one of my most recent Twitter friends and Triberr buddy. It is just so darn exciting to see this book launching and if I could be a part of it, well that was a total treat!

So, I had this thought about asking Gale a whole bunch of questions about “getting published” or “What is it like being a writer” and “How did you choose your topic?’ Not to mention wanting to know if she really knows anyone who mixes metaphors the way one of her character’s does. However, that event just hasn’t come together…

Why you might ask?

Well, First, I never sent her the email with those questions! It has been hanging around, percolating in my brain for nearly a month but somehow I just never got it done! So here it is my day on the blog tour to provide some scintillating content and here I am questions unanswered and…

here is the really bad part…

I haven’t even finished the book! Yes that’s right, the pre-launch copy that I was gifted, for the expressed purpose of reading prior to this blog post!

I feel awful.

I was on a roll about a week ago, zipping through the first 100 pages or so… thoroughly enjoying the fast entertaining pace I might add, completely delighted and engaged with the story about an opera company, which I know absolutely nothing about, and loving every second and then chaos hit in the form of fevers and viruses weaving through my house and suddenly I wasn’t able to find a minute to finish the book I was enjoying so much.

SO here is my idea now. I have a plane ride on Saturday that lasts five hours. I plan on letting my daughter watch all the Shrek, Tinkerbell, and Dinosaur Train she wants on this flight so I will be finishing my book!

And even though I can not, yet, give my full assessment I have read enough to recommend it to you and if you enjoy witty banter, a little mystery and a whole lot of sometimes VERY familiar, human foibles then I believe you would also enjoy the book. But don’t take my word for it. Here are some other reviews and responses to this fun book:

An Imagined Cast List for Don Juan in Hankey, PA, a review by Kimberly A. Bennett, guest posting on, 11/30/11

Even If You Know Nothing More About Opera Than I Do, You’ll Really Enjoy This Book a review by Linda Orlomoski on “Are We There Yet?”

Ten Questions with Gale Martin by Margo Candela, 11/23/11

Even more…

And here is the summary:

Peek beneath the surface of an extraordinary small-town opera company, and get to know a fabulous cast of characters: determined flirts, a lusty singing gaucho, ingenious manipulators, a bipolar ketchup heiress, devious lovers, and some very determined ghosts. 

Delve into high society in Hankey, PA – a world of simmering seductions, convoluted mysteries and entertaining intrigues. You may laugh out loud. You may cheer for the gang of misfits trying to save their opera house from foreclosure by improbably staging a world-class production of Mozart’s masterpiece. You may feel a tug at your heartstrings as lonely lovers look for new romance.

A new novel, Don Juan in Hankey, PA will have readers flying through its pages. Prior knowledge about opera is optional. Love of laughter, absolutely essential.


After I’ve finished the book, and perhaps when you have too, lets get back together and, if Gale isn’t too upset with me, perhaps we can ask her those questions then and we can have an old fashioned book club discussion about this fabulous book! Oh, and since my email to Gale is still pending… if you have questions you’d like me to ask her, just let me know in a comment. Chances are good she’ll be by to answer!

Pick up a copy of Gale Martin’s delightful book, Don Juan in Hankey, PA  in print and e-book versions at: AmazonBarnes & Noble and  iBooks from iTunes.


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  1. No problem, Kathy. Thanks for the lovely splash and enjoy your holiday. If you would like to follow up with questions later, I’d be honored to answer them.

    Thanks for all the links and photos. Very nice!

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