So I am trying an experiment…

Frankly, ORDER week could not have come at a better time! I have been feeling the “spring cleaning” vibe in the air and every over stuffed drawer is shouting “Purge me!” Every time I think about getting dressed the chaos mocks me. I have dozens upon dozens of items that do NOT fit, are way out of style, and/or for some reason or another I will never wear again. Why do I keep these things?

“Just in case.” is my mantra.

Just in case what? I suddenly lose 15 pounds? T-shirts I never liked will suddenly make me feel beautiful? Fashions “everybody wears” won’t feel idiotic?

Somehow, keeping my closet and drawers filled with items I will never wear feels thrifty. Keeping a large stock of clothing makes me feel like I am prepared. Prepared for what? Prepared to be overwhelmed EVERY time I try to get dressed is the real story. The drawers don’t close properly. I can’t ever find what I’m looking for and because my drawers and closet always appear full,it feels like I always “have another day” before the laundry needs to be done, when in fact I am likely out of underwear. It is maddening.

This is the week I am calling an end to all of it!

Perhaps some of you have heard of different experiments (I’ll be sharing a whole host of wardrobe minimizing strategies in my next post) other people have tried. Things like 10 pieces of clothing for 30 days, or working to see how few items a person can actually live with… I saw one list which showed a 15 piece  minimalist wardrobe which totally blew me away. These ideas have been percolating around in my brain so this week I’ve decided to try it!  OK so I’m not going from 20 zillion items down to 15 but I thought I WOULD try getting down to 40!

Yes, 40 clothing items total! I’m not counting underwear and accessories… perhaps I’ll do that next time. This time I am talking 40 items like shirts, pants and dresses. I don’t even know if this is a realistic number but I think it is good to have a goal in mind. Here is the BEFORE shot of my closet:

Notice how nothing is hanging from a hanger. At one time, I did take the time to hang things up but over time I collected so much stuff it would never all fit so I took to piling it up on the shelf instead. Originally I imagined a few pairs of pants folded nicely under a row of beautifully pressed shirts. HA! Like I have even used the iron in over a year!

Part of my wardrobe problem comes from moving from an office working environment to being a stay at home mom. The wardrobe is NOT compatible and all the stuff I’ve been saving “in case I decide to go back to work one day” is already so out of style as to be used in a period movie.

Just in Case is no longer a good enough excuse for me. Will I be able to get to 40? I really don’t know but this is the week I’ve been waiting for to give it a try!

How about you? Want to play along with me? If you were going to pair down your wardrobe what would your magic item number be?

I’ll be updating regularly about my little challenge over on the Bliss Habits Facebook page and will give you the AFTER shot of my closet over here by the end of the week. Wish me luck, it should be VERY interesting!

4 thoughts on “So I am trying an experiment…

  1. I did this a few years ago and I really only do have about 20 clothing items I wear! ( not including panties 😉 and it at least has been a relief off my laundry list!

  2. I wish you SO much success in this personal challenge. 🙂 I’m not sure I could do it – but if ANYONE can do it, it is you! Rock on! Theresa

  3. Hey Kathy….it can be overwhelming but by hanging on to stuff you are literally saying to the universe I am afraid I will never have stuff again:) Trust in the void of emptiness….it will fill up again. Keep only that you feel good in…you know what it is Kathy, it is the stuff you keep wearing over and over. This is who you are currently-let the old you go and let someone else benefit by the receiving of it. Someone, somewhere will love it and be so happy to have it.
    You are entering a new phase of you and this joyous, blissful phase will attract the joyous and blissful things that reflect who you are now!
    Going For The Joy-oh so many ways to do it!

  4. I do this on quite a regular basis, but I have a friend who regularly goes to charity shops, and then passes her unwanted bargains to me! The clothes are always lovely so I can never resist, but hence I end up with a wardrobe (and bedroom floor, cupboard top) that looks like your above!

    It is good to clear out every now and then though!

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