Speaking of Courage ~ how do you get past fear?

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COURAGE – the power or quality of dealing with or facing danger, fear, pain, etc; the confidence to act in accordance with one’s beliefs

Welcome to the Blog Party!  This week we are talking Courage. This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! How to find it, why you need it, what it means to have it… literally Everything and Anything on the topic are all welcome.

I’m going to start things off by directing you to three posts make that six! I think speak beautifully on the topic.

Why all this talk of fear? Part1 by Andi Brunett-Libecap. The hardest part of Living in the NOW and not letting FEAR keep you stuck in the past, reliving your terror and confused how such horror could befall, is remembering that after you let the FEAR go, it’s going to return at some point.

Go Big or Go Home by Bill Gallagher “Big goals inspire, excite, and motivate people. If you want to be someone who gets people to say “YES!” you are much better off asking for big things. My friend had invited me to go surfing countless times, but I agreed only when the destination was inspiring and the opportunity grand. Unfortunately, most of us ask only for what we think we can get.”

Facing Your Fears: On Courageous Introspection & Monster Hunting by Dianna Bonny. Truthfully, these shadowy entities of “what if” and “maybe” began much the way the monsters did that Angus imagined in my yard. But because I never addressed them head on, with a sword or just simple examination, they morphed. Pockets of fear became caverns of space that I avoided, and then entire landscapes of life unexplored, eventually limiting my entire experience of being alive.

How to cultivate courage by Martina McGowan. How to develop the mindset that fear is not a good enough excuse any more to avoid doing something… You can choose to live more courageously. Put the above plan into action today.

A Comfort Zone is Far from Comfortable by Suzie Carr. We’re all driven by different things. Our past experiences shape the way we view the world and the way we interact with others. We all come equipped with driving forces that dig deep and push us towards or pull us away from defining moments. Getting stuck in a comfort zone robs us of defining moments.

10 Commandments of Courage by Margie Warrell. “VI. Resist Conformity.  Don’t let others’ opinions run your life and surrender to conformity. Express your individuality. Be your own person. Forge your own path.”

If you’d like more check out these from our last “Speaking of Courage” party

Check them out and add your own finds in a comment below. Remember NEW and OLD posts by you and others are welcome.

Here are the ground rules for this party:

  1. Share NEW and OLD posts on the topic. This is your chance to share your favorite posts. If they fit the topic and you think we could benefit it doesn’t matter when you wrote it. Wisdom is timeless!
  2. Share your’s and other’s posts! Ran across a timely tidbit? Let us hear about it too! When sharing someone else’s posts let us know that in a comment.
  3. Leave a comment after posting letting us know why you think the post is worth our time. We are building a knowledge library and your context makes it all the more valuable!
  4. Have Fun! I hope to make this party a fun and valuable addition to your weekend blog hopping.

Note:  If you don’t have a blog to share, photos, ETSY collections and essays are most welcome.

I look forward to visiting all the treasures YOU add to the collection!
Outrageous Joy,

P.S. Next week we will be “Speaking of Listening” and looking for posts and places that will foster this Bliss Habit!

5 thoughts on “Speaking of Courage ~ how do you get past fear?

  1. aw, I am flattered to be featured here! Those other posts are excellent, and I’m humbled to be listed in such talented company. For readers really delving into the topic of fear, here are four more posts by other terrific writers:

    1. “Small Steps to Help You Act in Spite of Your Fear” {http://tinyurl.com/lsf3ede};
    2. “the art of being fearless” {http://justinemusk.com/2012/03/04/creative-fearlessness/};
    3. “14 Things that Fear Doesn’t Want You to Know” {http://www.prolificliving.com/things-about-fear/}; and
    4. “The Gift Of Fear. The Penalties Of Worry.” {http://www.movingfrommetowe.com/2014/02/20/the-gift-of-fear-the-penalties-of-worry/}.

    This is such an interesting topic! One thing I find fascinating is how timeless the articles are when discussing fear. May we all move toward a more courageous future! 🙂

    • Kathy says:

      Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for all these other fabulous resources!

      It was truly my pleasure to include you in my list. Your two part fear post is really great, I do hope folks take the time to read both! It is interesting how so many of the same themes surface every time I cover this (and many other) Bliss Habits. These tips are likely to resonate for a long time because every time we master one fearful spot the next one is there waiting for us!

  2. Here is a post, I wrote sometime back. It is my struggle trying to finding courage midst adversity, revelation at the end about what it actually meant to be courageous. A personal journey revealed!

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