Speaking of Courage – How do you find yours?

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Welcome to the Blog Party!  This week we are talking Courage This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! How to find it ,why you need it, what it means to have it… literally Everything and Anything on the topic are all welcome.

I’m going to start things off by directing you to three posts I think speak beautifully on the topic.

Finding the Courage to Live Out Loud, Starting Now By Jia Ni Teo for Tiny Buddah “We need to know, and let it be known, that doubt is just a feeling that comes to us when we are about to step out of our comfort zone.

Find Your Courage! 12 Everyday Acts of Courage to Create the Life You Really Want! by Margie Warrell for Success Consciousness. “Sometimes we need to say no to the good in order to make room for the great.”

Finding courage when you have a sucky day job by Coral of Creative Womens Business “Take a minute to picture what your life will look like if you don’t take that leap of faith.

Check them out and add your own finds in a comment or in the linky below. Remember NEW and OLD posts by you and others are welcome.

Here are the ground rules for this party:

  1. Share NEW and OLD posts on the topic. This is your chance to share your favorite posts. If they fit the topic and you think we could benefit it doesn’t matter when you wrote it. Wisdom is timeless!
  2. Share your’s and other’s posts! Ran across a timely tidbit? Let us hear about it too! When sharing someone else’s posts let us know that in a comment.
  3. Leave a comment after posting letting us know why you think the post is worth our time. We are building a knowledge library and your context makes it all the more valuable!
  4. Have Fun! I hope to make this party a fun and valuable addition to your weekend blog hopping.

Note:  If you don’t have a blog to share, photos, ETSY collections and essays are most welcome. Let me know if you need help linking them up!

I look forward to visiting all the treasures YOU add to the collection!
Outrageous Joy,

P.S. Next week we will be “Speaking of Naked” and looking for posts and places that will foster this Bliss Habit!

NAKED – without the customary covering, container, or protection; bare, exposed

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Courage – How do you find yours?

  1. Great topic Kathy! There is so much talk about self confidence, but personally I think courage is a far more valuable trait to cultivate because courage is about doing what you know needs to be done despite the fear you may be feeling.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you Marquita. And thank you too for adding your terrific article. Learning how to “Make Discomfort Your Ally” is a powerful courage tool!

  2. Hi Marty, I was just reading the comments on my blog and came here from your link there. This is a great topic Courage! I just finished up my blog post for tomorrow earlier It is about using affirmations to help change that mindset.

    I wasn’t going to publish until morning until I read your post here, my 3rd affirmation has to do with courage here it is-> 3: I AM POWERFUL
    I am powerful. I’m not afraid to risk or to take chances. I am a person of great courage. I would rather try and possibly fail than succeed in doing nothing.

    Yes I did go ahead and publish this so I had something to share here tonight on your bog party.

    Thanks for the invitation to the party how fun!! Chery :))

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