Speaking of Living Hapfully – come share the joy of being alive!

2014 update: I posted this Hapfull Party at the end of our journey last year. I thought kicking things off with it would be a great way to get all of you thinking about your own Hapfull Living! Please enjoy the links already included and consider adding your own. I’ll be tweeting and sharing all new additions throughout the month!


How can the month be over already? As I sit here on the last day of our Hapfull journey I can tell you that my life will continue to be better for it. When our friend Jackie first shared her definition of this new word, (see at bottom of page) I knew instantly that I wanted it for a bliss habit!

The decision to focus on this one wonderful topic for an entire month was a revelation! And what a month it was! If you missed anything you can scroll through all the hapfull posts here. I am really having a hard time letting the fun end, so what do you say, how about we keep it going just a wee bit longer and celebrate some more?!

This time out I will be looking for all the stuff that makes YOU hapfull!

Here’s how to celebrate with us:

  • In the linky below share a blog post, a pinterest board, an etsy listing, really anything and everything that inspires you or others to live hapfully!
  • If you don’t have a link to share, leave us a comment sharing something hapfull!
  • Have Fun!

Let me know if you need help linking things up! I look forward to visiting all the hapfull treasures YOU add to the collection!

Hapfully yours,

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9 thoughts on “Speaking of Living Hapfully – come share the joy of being alive!

  1. You articles are so empowering and make sense with those who I make sure to circle around seem to be. It is great to discover new words that have power and you have found one that works for me.

    I have never thought of that word being used in a way that would inspire those who to not understand how just your mental attitude will change you way of being and all those around you. There is always that one person everyone looks forward in being at functions that brings so much electricity in the crowed. This is the new word to us and I am one my way to one of those monthly functions full of exciting people who seem to have nothing but bliss in their lives.

    This is the first time I stepped back and viewed myself and found me being one bringing it on to others. I had to of course inquire with those who spend most of their time interacting with me daily.

    Thank your for sharing this awakening word. I do look forward to you next amazing article which I feel will empower me even more to move through this month in a state of gratitude to be shared with all.

    • Kathy says:

      William, thank you so much for your generous comment. I’m delighted the word sparked some understanding and hapfullness for you too. It is inspiring to me that you see yourself as the one to bring such things to others… I look forward to a time when everyone feels this way!

  2. I love this idea. I submitted a link to one of my posts about gratitude because I think living a life full of gratitude is living hapfully. It increases aliveness, joy, a positive attitude, awareness of what’s great and satisfaction with life.

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