Speaking of Mindfulness – we’re looking for your presence!

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Welcome to the Blog Party!  This week we are talking Mindfulness. This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! Tips for being mindful, being mindful in good or bad times,…  literally Everything and Anything on the topic are all welcome.

I’m going to start things off by directing you to three posts I think speak beautifully on the topic.

WAYS TO AVOID GETTING LOST IN THE BLACK HOLE  -Lisa Wilson of Being Breath brings mindfulness to technology. (Also, don’t miss her fabulous guest post from earlier in the week:  How Mindfulness Sucks.)

MINDFULNESS, By Dr. Jitesh Arora for Jacqueline Stone’s On the Journey blog about The Path of Awakening Consciousness. “One of the life changing habits that a person can adapt to mend his relationships is Mindfulness.”

THE ART of TASTING CHOCOLATE MINDFULLY – Even chocolate can benefit from mindfulness! Enjoy this Zen Habits guest post by boutique chocolate maker Todd Masonis of San Francisco’s Dandelion Chocolate.

Check them out and add your own finds in a comment or in the linky below. Remember NEW and OLD posts by you and others are welcome, just tell us when you are sharing someone else’s work!

Here are the ground rules for this party:

  1. Share NEW and OLD posts on the topic. This is your chance to share your favorite posts. If they fit the topic and you think we could benefit it doesn’t matter when you wrote it. Wisdom is timeless!
  2. Share your’s and other’s posts! Ran across a timely tidbit? Let us hear about it too! When sharing someone else’s posts let us know that in a comment.
  3. Leave a comment after posting letting us know why you think the post is worth our time. We are building a knowledge library and your context makes it all the more valuable!
  4. Have Fun! I hope to make this party a fun and valuable addition to your weekend blog hopping.

Note:  If you don’t have a blog to share, photos, ETSY collections and essays are most welcome. Let me know if you need help linking them up!

I look forward to visiting all the treasures YOU add to the collection!
Outrageous Joy,

P.S. Next week we will be “Speaking of Dreams” and looking for posts and places that will foster this Bliss Habit!

DREAM – a vision voluntarily indulged in while awake; daydream, reverie.

12 thoughts on “Speaking of Mindfulness – we’re looking for your presence!

  1. What a great party you’re throwing! Thanks for the opportunity to share and to learn from others.

    I’ve posted two blogs. The first one is The Double It Rule. This focuses on mindful breathing…a simple little tool that people can use when they are stressed, angry or upset. It’s short enough that you can use it at a stop light, and powerful enough that it will decrease your blood pressure.

    The other article is Swamis and White Puffy Clouds… This is about various forms of meditation, all of which incorporate mindfulness. It’s an introductory short article for those who think that meditation and mindfulness all have something to do with following swamis around.

    I hope you enjoy them.

  2. Kathy, What a wonderful idea! I am going to share my post on 10 affirmations you can practice daily for vibrant health and wellness. Part of being mindful is to be in touch with your body and learn how to heal it using the power of your mind. This post will help give you powerful affirmations to heal. and they were very helpful for my own healing. Thanks for doing this post and I can’t wait to read the posts everyone is sharing!


    • Kathy says:

      Thank you so much Shelly! Your link is great and I appreciate you telling us why we would enjoy clicking. Having the context makes a big difference!! Next week we will be talking about Dreams… so if you’ve ever written on that topic, I’d be honored to have you back again!!

  3. When I search my blog for posts on mindfulness, I was surprised to find only one. I actively seek to be mindful of everything in my life. We can do this while we go about our daily life and I started by just paying attention to my thoughts. When I had an aberrant thought, I cancel it, but also make a note to myself to later explore where it may have originated. By attending to our thoughts, little by little we those negative ones with positive self-supporting beliefs.

    Rachel recently posted If You Do Not Start, You Cannot Finish

    • Kathy says:

      Well a good one it is! Mindfulness goes by many terms I’m sure searching on presence, awareness and Living in the Now would net additional results in your VERY mindful blog!

  4. Thank you for hosting this blog party. My post is about bitterness. I think we need to be mindful of how very easy it is to let bitterness spoil happiness.

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