Speaking of Passion… have you found Yours?

A fervent or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything;

experience of strong love or sexual desire.


Welcome to the Saturday Blog Party! This week’s topic is Passion. This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! Tips, tools, Points of View,Your process, your crafty art projects, literally Everything and Anything on the topic are all welcome.

I’m going to start things off by directing you to three posts I think speak beautifully on this specific topic.

Check them out and add your own finds in the linky below. Remember NEW and OLD posts by you and others are welcome, just tell us when you are sharing someone else’s work!

  • How to find your Passion from Leo Babauta  for  Lifehack. This is a comprehensive How to Find Passion post. What I like about the post is a lot of practical information is shared. If you are seeking this is a good start!
  • Steps to finding your Passion From Oprah’s Life coach Cheryl Richardson who says that the clues are all around you. Uncover your true passion—and start living it! This series is a fun step by step process anyone can use to find or get clearer about their passions.
  • TQ1 – The One Question – a very interesting, packed with great information site that I just found. I haven’t yet had a chance to review all the materials but the blog alone has a ton of inspiring resources. They offer a life purpose test and a “problem solver”  with which you “choose the problem you a have and we tell you how to solve it.” Go ahead… give it a try!

Here are the rules for this party:

  1. Share NEW and OLD posts on the topic. This is your chance to share your favorite posts. If they fit the topic and you think we could benefit it doesn’t matter when you wrote it. Wisdom is timeless!
  2. Share your’s and other’s posts! Ran across a timely tidbit? Let us hear about it too! When sharing someone else’s posts please designate this by putting an *asterisk before the listing and please say submitted by using your name or blog name.
  3. Leave a comment after posting letting us know why you think the post is worth our time. We are building a knowledge library and your context makes it all the more valuable!
  4. Have Fun! I hope to make this party a fun and valuable addition to your weekend blog hopping.

Note: This link up list will stay active until NEXT Passion week (November 7th start!) so feel free to add items ANY time until then. I will likely pick a guest feature from the collection so PLEASE don’t be shy about adding your best posts! If you don’t have a blog to share, ETSY collections and essays are most welcome. Let me know if you need help linking them up!

I look forward to visiting all the treasures YOU add to the collection!
Outrageous Joy,

P.S. Next week we will be “Speaking of Whimsy” and looking for posts and places that will foster this Bliss Habit!

WHIMSY – extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expression; an odd or fanciful notion.



One thought on “Speaking of Passion… have you found Yours?

  1. Hi Kathy,

    I am a new member of B3 and now I’m trying to know all the members of the community. This is how I found your site.
    My passion? I didn’t find it, yet. There are so many false alarms in life so I am cautious now. I am constantly searching and hope I will find it someday. I will read Leo Babauta’s article. Thanks for it.
    I wonder if the idea of living in bliss is possible. Of course you can have one blissful moment. You can also have many blissful moments. But to live in bliss all day long from morning to night … .
    You created a very nice site here. A PD site with a personal, artistic touch. I like it. I will definitely return to read it in more detail.

    Have a nice day

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