The *NEW* Bliss Habits schedule for bringing more #bliss into your life!

  For those of you who have just started to follow Bliss Habits (Thank you for that!!!) and for my long time readers, I thought it would be good to let you know the upcoming schedule. I have a couple of new features this time out and I’m also giving myself permission to go off Read More


Go for the Joy!

I am very excited to introduce you to fascinating new weekly feature coming to the blog! Linda Adsetts is a medium who has found wisdom in her dialogues with her “guardian angels” (she’ll explain more in a minute.) I became fascinated by the messages from her “group” because they are always so uplifting, inclusive and Read More

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Speaking of… a tutorial on the Bliss Habits feature of the same name

Since my daughter’s Two Pipe Cleaner Spider Recipe Tutorial was such a hit I thought I’d give a shot at doing one myself. ┬áSeriously, I thought it might be a really great time to explain what I consider to be one of the best features I have going on over here on Bliss Habits. I Read More