The Kitchen Sink Prize Post – the Blogversary-apolooza $200 Grand Prize!

Greetings Blogversary-apolooza goers! I really hope you have been enjoying the party!! Phew!! It has been a complete whirlwind over here on my end!!  So much in fact, I realized this week that I was never actually “getting to” some of the posts I had envisioned writing myself… things like: My personal top 10 list Read More


I’m giving $100 to YOUR favorite charity! Who Do YOU Want Me to Give it to?

One of the primary reasons I am interested in actually making money (at some point! lol) with my Bliss Habits project, is that I want to be able to give money freely and without concern WHENEVER I want. I don’t know about you, but I run into dozens if not hundreds of deserving charities or Read More

voice in my head

Is a Bad Habit Sucking the Life out of Your Healthy Habits?

Today we have the marvelous Lori Carpenos with us to bravely tackle the “Bad” side of our Habits. Over here at Bliss Habits we generally turn a blind eye to the dark side (ok so I watched some Star Wars this weekend!) of Habits, but Lori wisely tells us we need to take a look. Read More


The 10 MOST Joyful spots on the web! Who would you add?

Since starting my Bliss Habits Journey, I’ve had the incredible good fortune to run into many incredibly talented and joyous people. Some I’m lucky enough to call friends, others I follow from afar, happy to know that we share the goal to inspire and spread Joy. While by no means a complete list of the Read More


One Blissful Epic! A Blogversary-apolooza’s Worth of Happiness in One Post!

Welcome to the Blogversary-apolooza wrap up! Okay, so it isn’t anywhere near over but I realized I wanted a place to collect all the fabulous wisdom that we are collecting during our celebration.  So here it is, far from complete at the moment, this post will reside over there –> in the sidebar and continue Read More


Ten Things I’ve Learned at Bliss Habits

For the past year, one of my greatest delights has been having Chel be a part of things here at Bliss Habits. I love how her beautiful posts show up, without my having to do anything and that she always has the perfect “other side” to my thoughts of the week. I can not tell Read More