Baskets in the bath

Yes, you are creative!
Inviting #Creativity out to Play!

Welcome to creativity week here on Bliss Habits! A funny thing happened on the way to this week. As I was preparing I overheard a woman in the craft store say to her friend, “I’m not creative, thank God for these kits.” It struck me as kind of ironic. There she is, in a CRAFT Read More


5 easy ways to boost creativity

Welcome creativity seeking, sharing, loving, bliss boosting friends. As I sat down to think about boosting creativity I couldn’t help but think that MOST of you have even better ideas then I could come up with if I scoured the internet and other reference material for years. Fully half of my readers have ETSY shops Read More


Creativity Boosts

Today is about Boosting creativity. Where to go if you are stuck, what to do if you want to take things to another level. I am visiting some of my favorite Creativity Boosting sites and  ideas. Click on any of the links to find more ways to get the creative juices flowing. At the end Read More