To Believe Or To Know

Believing Is More Than First Appearance

  Watching the first batch of recorded holiday movies this weekend, the message to believe was sprinkled throughout all. Thoughts couldn’t help but meander back to the year I ruined Christmas, and how yes, I still believe in the magical possibilities. Then by-election reports are shown on the news and believing veers off in a Read More

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The Real Adventure Begins

(Psst! Kathy here. Long time readers my recognize Neil Rubenstein from his occasional guest posts here at Bliss Habits. I’m just delighted he has decided join us for the next 13 weeks with a Father’s take on the Habits. Please enjoy.) Adventure – an unusual and exciting experience or activity that is sometimes dangerous. I Read More


How CDH defined flexibility for me

Just thrilled to have Neil Rubenstein back with us today. Longtime Bliss Habits fans may remember his moving account, Never Lose Infinite Hope – A Father’s Tale during a previous HOPE week. This week you will learn how FLEXIBILITY also makes a difference when caring for a critically ill child. Flexibility – The ability to adapt and Read More


Hope without action is a dream waiting to be born

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!   I know that some people have no hope. They cannot see beyond their present life, cannot even begin to imagine how it could change. It happens all over the world, whether in poverty or in riches. No sector is immune. Read More