23 Romantic Gestures to add to your repertoire on Valentine’s or any day!

Every year, as Valentine’s Day is approaching, I take a stroll around the internet to visit some of my favorite romantic blogs with the mission to find something a) fun I think my Husband and I may enjoy and b) simple. I love the idea of a grand gesture but to be perfectly honest I Read More


15 Actions to Kick Start Your Own Romance-Gratitude Cycle

So happy to have “the other half” of the marvelous romantic duo from Two INFPs with us today. You may recall, Chris Thomas stopped by last Romance week to share Romance in Just 3 Minutes A Day. Today his lovely partner, Laura Chanelle is with us to share some practical tips for keeping the romance Read More

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The Art of Self Romance

I am thrilled to introduce you to Jackie Walker today. Here with the perfect follow up to Chel’s post  from yesterday, Jackie takes us on a trip to discover our inherent romantic nature.   Doesn’t this time of year have such potential for romance? It’s full of parties and festivities, family and friends, gifts and meals, Read More


5 Ways to Super-Charge Your Romance

Last Romance week I introduced you to Sean Marshall, during the “Speaking of Romance” hop when I shared his Quick and Easy Recipe for Complete Marital Bliss in only 5-7 Minutes!  Sean completely shook up my paradigm about how I thought men thought about romance. Here was this completely regular family guy (Sean is married and Read More


14 Actions That Help You Become An Artist Of Your Romantic Life

I am so thrilled to introduce Masafumi Matsumoto to you. From the moment I started tweeting about Romance he was there with so much joy and enthusiasm about the topic I was blown away. I already shared his Define Your Romance and Live A Romantic Life post with you on Monday and his entire site is a Read More