How to get to a quieter, more mindful state.

  This week I have been immersed in the technological aspects of participating in a Telesummit and recording a meditation Mp3 as a download as part of my package and tweaking my web-site to reflect the changes that are occurring. Microphones, Garageband, royalty free music, voice overs, downloadable Mp3s and the list has seemed endless! Read More


How Mindfulness Sucks

I am totally tickled! My personal mindfulness guru, the marvelous Lisa of Being Breath is back with us today. If you have been following Bliss Habits for any length of time then you have certainly been introduced to the wonder and grace that is Lisa Wilson. Lisa has been a guest of Bliss Habits several times over and every Read More


mindfulness = “calling it like it is”

Welcome to Tuesdays with Chel. “Mindfulness calls it like it is, without embellishing our experience—not making it more dramatic or intense, nor pretending it’s easier than it is. If we’re sad, we’re sad. If we’re peaceful, we’re peaceful. When we are clear about our actual experience, we can be completely authentic. This authenticity is a Read More