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Trust and Surrender =The Passionate side of Romance

  Trust and Surrender by January Handl For the orgasm that I feel sings all the way through me, no – actually sings me, offering an out of body experience with my vocals just announcing what my body is one-focus fucking experiencing, wave after wave of the tickly-joy explosions that connect me to the cosmos Read More


Speaking of Passion – What really fires you up?

A fervent or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything; experience of strong love or sexual desire.   Welcome to the Saturday Blog Party! This week’s topic is Passion. This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! Tips, tools, Points of View,Your process, your crafty art projects, literally Everything and Anything Read More

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the place where everything falls away
– A Go for the Joy Message

Linda Adsetts is here with her weekly Go for the Joy message from The Group. Enjoy!   Passion is a word that immediately conjures up for me images of hot steamy nights (you know the kind), working diligently towards a cause or being immersed in any activity where the world I live in fades away. Read More


How to Enable Passion (because life cannot be spent on a tequila-fueled sex-bender)

Passion evokes a lot of different things for different people. Sometimes our passions, while delightful, don’t always get us what is needed to live a happy and productive life. Craig Gonzales, today’s guest blogger  and  “very happy man in a great relationship and  kind of over-the-top with it all”  has devised a way to be true Read More


A (Passionate) Balancing Act

Welcome to Tuesdays with Chel. Each week Chel Micheline of gingerblue dot com will offer her perspectives on our Bliss Habits. Please enjoy the wisdom and clarity she offers. Lately, my problem with “passion” is finding time for it. I have a lot of passions- writing, painting, creating art, gardening. And when I do find the Read More