Find yourself singing a new song!

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!     This past weekend, my husband and I,  spent time with my son on Vancouver Island at his place of employment. He works at Strathcona Park Lodge ( in the wilds of British Columbia. He enjoys the outdoors and completed Read More


The Tiniest Steps to Growth

Have you wondered what the big Bliss Habits Kitchen Sink prize winner does after winning? She goes to Disneyland!! Really that is just what Meg just did!! LOL I just love that this is true!! and better yet for us she also stops by Bliss Habits to share her perspectives on growth! I think you will enjoy Read More

voice in my head

Is a Bad Habit Sucking the Life out of Your Healthy Habits?

Today we have the marvelous Lori Carpenos with us to bravely tackle the “Bad” side of our Habits. Over here at Bliss Habits we generally turn a blind eye to the dark side (ok so I watched some Star Wars this weekend!) of Habits, but Lori wisely tells us we need to take a look. Read More