101 Reasons Why I Love My Husband, and the extravaganza that did not happen

This week it is my sweet hubby is out of town on a business trip which is a little bit of a bummer for Romance Week, but not entirely. A big part of romance has to do with one’s personal mindset and really has very little to do with another person. Certainly romance can be sweeter when shared, Read More


23 Romantic Gestures to add to your repertoire on Valentine’s or any day!

Every year, as Valentine’s Day is approaching, I take a stroll around the internet to visit some of my favorite romantic blogs with the mission to find something a) fun I think my Husband and I may enjoy and b) simple. I love the idea of a grand gesture but to be perfectly honest I Read More


15 Actions to Kick Start Your Own Romance-Gratitude Cycle

So happy to have “the other half” of the marvelous romantic duo from Two INFPs with us today. You may recall, Chris Thomas stopped by last Romance week to share Romance in Just 3 Minutes A Day. Today his lovely partner, Laura Chanelle is with us to share some practical tips for keeping the romance Read More


Romance in Just 3 Minutes A Day

I’m just thrilled to have Chris from the wonderfully romantic new site two infps here to conclude our Romance week. Simple yet profound advice. Please enjoy.   Think about this word for a brief moment: Romance. What were the immediate thoughts you had when reading that word? What images are conjured in your mind when you Read More


Speaking of Romance… keeping the fire burning!

ROMANCE – To court or woo romantically; treat with ardor or chivalrousness; a strong fascination or enthusiasm for something. Welcome to the Saturday blog hop! This week’s topic is Romance . This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! Tips and tools for encouraging romance, short romantic stories, your thoughts on Read More