The continued Benefit of a Pause

Reading “Serenity is that decision to drop anchor in your life. It’s an opportunity to regroup, recharge, and return to your core values. It’s a simple, gentle pause.” in Chel’s post from yesterday, reminded me of a little experiment I have tried from time to time and would benefit from exploring again. The Pause 1-2-3 experiment. Read More

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Jungle Lessons– a path to Serenity in every day life!

* Note: This was originally posted in Everyday Bliss, the blog before Bliss Habits – Please enjoy! From It’s a Small World Ride Photo by “Disney Philip” I’ve been hopping around the internet looking for tips or tools that will help us experience more serenity. I had an idea to possibly share the top five Read More

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A Little Moxie…

This post is part six of a six part series on how this blog was started. Many of you who are following this blog have also been following my Mommy Blog, The Everyday Mommy and/or have seen my “Stuff the Girl Says” via facebook so you know that I have quite the little character on Read More

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Defining the 13 Virtues of Bliss

This post is part four of a six part series on how this blog was started. Before I even begin today’s post I must tell you that rocks! I used a variety of dictionary sites as well as wikipedia when doing my research but time after time had what felt to be the Read More