Halloween Creativity Lessons and the “Two Pipe Cleaner Spider Recipe”

Time for a timely re-broadcast of my daughter’s Halloween advice from FIVE (how could it be so long?!) years ago … ENJOY! Happy Halloween! I am SO excited that Halloween is kicking off creativity week! Could it be more perfect? It seems that even self proclaimed “I’m not Creative.” types can even jump in on the Read More


I just love the #StuffMyGirlSays – the interview with my 4 year old

Welcome to part two of my daughter’s “preview” (that is what she calls an interview.) Yesterday I shared her three year old answers to these questions. Here she is with the four year old answers to the same questions.     1. What is something that I always say to you?  “I can’t think of anything.” Read More


I just love the #StuffMyGirlSays
– the interview with my 3 year old

If you are a regular follower of Bliss Habits you likely were expecting my regular Saturday blog party post. Well, SURPRISE!! I’m shaking things up a bit! Last week’s Speaking of Anything hop is still underway and accepting YOUR posts if you care to share something do head over there!  Next Saturday we’ll be back Read More