“We become what we think about.”
Even tidy and organized!

  “We become what we think about.” Those are the immortal words of Earl Nightingale. If you have been following my blog or even read “about me” you would know that this quote has been a defining my life for quite sometime. In my twenties I was inspired by it and made the decision to Read More

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Speaking of Order – a collection of tidy, timely advice! Add yours today!

Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time. Welcome to the Saturday Blog Party! This week’s topic is ORDER. This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! Spring Cleaning, Minimalist Philosophy, Time Management, Living True to Your Self, De-Cluttering tips and Housecleaning 101 etc. Read More


Keeping your world organized and free of clutter

You’ve met Alejandro of EnsoJourney, who visited Bliss Habits to blog about Joy. Today we have the other half of this fabulous warrior duo. Carmin Carmancho, better known as Kym, is the more organized of the two and a perfect choice for helping us all get a handle on our clutter. I think you will Read More