Creativity + Whimsy + $100 #Etsy spending spree to win (could it get more blissful?)

Why yes it could, get more Blissful that is, because I have that creative enchantress herself, Jennifer Ingle, with us today. Okay so many of you know her as Jingle since she hails from her awesome whimsical lair Just Jingle, however I currently prefer Jennifer because some where along this fun and happy bloggy path Read More


Life with a Side of Silly

Today we are lucky to have Dani from Life Unconstrained with us! If you have been following Bliss Habits, you probbably remmember her exuberant take  on Joy  a few months back. Dani is full of “big ideas, wicked wisdom, and inspiration” and we are lucky to have her back to talk about whimsy, and silliness. Yes silliness… which Read More


Speaking of Whimsy – add your favorite whimspirational treats!

Extravagant, Fanciful, or Excessively Playful Expression; an Odd or Fanciful Notion. Welcome to the Saturday Blog Party! This week’s topic is Whimsy. This means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic! Tips, tools, Points of View,Your process, your crafty art projects, literally Everything and Anything on the topic are all welcome. I’m Read More


A Year of Whimsy – A Whimsy Retrospective from Everyday Bliss

For those of you who don’t know, I previously blogged  at Everyday Bliss. I spent a fun year exploring whimsy and decided to put a little retrospective together highlighting some of the fun. Before I get started, I also wanted to remind you to stop by yesterday’s post which includes a fun giveaway!  Enjoy the Read More


Sing-alongs, Sprinkles, and Sister Act 2 –
Does Whimsy Lead to Success?

I am so excited to have the queen of Whimsy, Annie Passanisi, here herself!  I introduced her to you briefly last whimsy week when she so generously offered, us a free copy of her whimsy guide book Whimsy for Wendys. Well she is back and is sweetening the pot. In addition to  arriving with a Read More


Welcome to Whimsy Week!
Kids thrive in it, can you?

What 4 Year olds have taught me  by January Handl The world is brim-full with wonder and magic Saying I love you out loud makes the bonds better Most things wash off eventually A sleeve is handy for all sorts of things Pockets are about the best invention ever Animals are fascinating Things need to Read More