Tapping Into Your Inner Bliss

Today I am delighted to introduce some new friends. BlackLion and Starcat happened upon our Bliss Habits Facebook Page a couple of weeks ago and one trip over to their Feline Dreamers convinced me that we would all benefit from their delightful brand of wisdom. Please enjoy:

“Reflection” by Ronald Bytautas


Well met! We’re BlackLion and Starcat of Feline Dreamers, and we’re delighted to be here sharing our thoughts on reflection. We love that reflection is one of the key habits to finding more bliss. In mainstream culture, we’re often discouraged from taking time for reflection. Except for giving lip service to taking time for yourself, most magazines and websites are full of articles on how to be more productive, and daydreaming is generally frowned upon. Everyone is assumed to be busy, constantly on the go, and this is seen largely as a positive thing. But is it really?

When you’re rushing headlong from home to work to errands and back home again, there’s no sense of purpose to what you’re doing. Life isn’t just about filling up every hour of the day. Why do you do the things you do? What are your passions? What lights you up? Without taking time to contemplate the big picture, you feel an emptiness at the center of your being. The light of your purpose is foggy or dim.

Reflection is a key part of living a conscious life. When you’re invoking bliss and a more meaningful life, it’s essential to create pauses in your normal activities. Take time during these pauses to acknowledge and observe. In the words of one of our favorite yoga teachers, Rebecca Stephens, “Listen, breathe, and feel.”

Take time for introspection during this waning moon. Feeling a sense of solitude will open up a pathway to your inner self. Turn down the lights, light a candle and some incense, have a sip of sea-salted water before closing your eyes and meditating on the present moment. What thoughts go by when you notice them? “Am I doing this right? Am I observing yet or reporting to myself that I am observing?” Relax into your breathing.

To follow your bliss, you must first know what is blissful to you. When you focus within and find that deep, quiet voice of guidance, you will discover what you love most. As you allow this voice to come forward to share in your day-to-day life, bliss will become a regular partner in your experience. What are some ways that this has been true in your life? What are you most passionate about right now?

Schedule a regular time for yourself, for reflection. Whether you meditate just as you wake up in the morning, go for an afternoon nature walk, or practice yoga after work, you’ll find that all aspects of your life will be enhanced by your continued practice of reflection, of staying in touch with your inner self. When you fill your own cup, you’ll have so much more to give and to be thankful for.

Bliss is an intention. The attitude you choose to bring into any situation will bring forth that energy from within. As you listen and reflect, and follow your inner guidance, you’ll encounter more and more people, events, and places that resonate with your new blissful attitude. With practice, you’ll be able to tap into the vast reservoir of love within you and share your bliss with the world.


biosidebar-1024x728Nikki Starcat Shields and Brent BlackLion Nelson are the creators of Feline Dreamers, a purpose-based business sharing a framework for exploring and enhancing your personal spirituality. Our writings and teachings are a distillation of our own life experiences, intuitions, explorations, and study. We delight in bringing you inspiration with a dash of laughter, cats, and faeries. We offer a wide variety of ideas, tools, and resources to help you along your spiritual path. We’d love to help you connect deeply with your higher self and revel in living a more creative and meaningful life.

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  1. Ahhh….this is beautiful! I read this and even breathe easier – which, of course – taps me more into “knowing my own bliss”. I re-set my intention, thanks to your offering.

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