The Amazing Blogversary-apolooza extravaganza #apolooza with $1500 in prizes!

Welcome to the Bliss Habits Blogversary-apolooza!

This is the Main Contest Page. Here you will find all the upcoming prizes and details on how to win the associated giveaway. *specific notes in green will be updated on regular basis, so do check back often!

Simple instructions: Follow the directions in Green that are posted after every contest. Once the prize post is “live” you will be directed to the corresponding post for that prize. The prizes will appear at the top of the post when they are newly eligible to be entered!

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For those of you who like more detail:

The note (blog post entry) will be updated with a link to the blog post here at Bliss Habits where you can enter once that post goes live. By the end of the month all contests will be linked to their contest pages.

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The note (multiple entries) indicates that there will be more then one way to win this prize. Details will be updated once the contest is live.

Most of the prizes will require that you visit a specific blog post to enter and additional chances will be available for tweets, shares and visits to other blogs. The legal stuff: all prizes will be awarded on or before June 3, 2011. All sweepstakes in the Blogversary-apolooza are FREE to enter and no purchase is necessary. Winners will be selected randomly from all entries received prior to contest end.

So Let’s get started!

1.Check out all these fabulous items up for grabs!
2.Comment on this post. Tell us what giveaway you would most like to win! (all contests will be selected randomly, but special treats may await those who let us know their heart’s fancy.)
3.A comment on this post will serve as a 2 for 1 multiplier for every/any contest you enter. Enter the giveaway to win” the Dandelion Seed necklace” later in the month… a comment here will double your chances. If you garner additional entries for a tweet or share it will double those chances also!
4.Bookmark this page and comeback often. Contest updates, instructions and winners will be announced here!

OK then, in no particular order, here are the prizes! As contests become “live” I will move them to the top of the list.


Love is Owl You Need” Mixed Media Print by Catherine Denton

Catherine’s beautiful work was featured here on Bliss Habits in “How to Reclaim Your Moxie” our most popular post! She has generously offered
Love is Owl You Need for the Blogversary-apolooza. The sun sets, the moon rises and she awakens. Putting aside what is unnecessary, she knows what it is to love now. Love is owl you need. Mixed Media 8×10 print $15 Value (Visit 5 Tips that make a huge impact in your life and home for details on how to enter. Contest ends Saturday, June 2, 2012.) We have a winner! Congratulations Amy!

Bloom Journal from Journals and Notepads

A beautiful selection! This smaller Journal’s beautiful artwork and thoughtful design will inspire you wherever you are. (160 unlined pages, 100% recycled paper. Lay-flat binding, foil accents on a hardcover, plus a ribbon marker. 5″ x 7″.) $12 value (Visit Drop the Shoulds and Watch Your Creativity Bloom for details on how to enter. Contest ends Saturday, June 2, 2012.)  We have a winner!! Congratulations Lynn!


A Year With Myself Full Adventure Kit by C.A. Kobu

The Full Adventure Kit is the premium program of A Year With Myself, designed to immerse you in an environment of learning, changing, evolving, and thriving. From the inside out. It’s all about transformation. It’s all about you and your dream.

Picture how you want to feel at the end of this year. Where do you want to be? Do you want to be able to say, “Yes! I did it this year! This was my year of breakthrough!”

The Full Adventure Program is for you if it is breakthrough that you want from this year.                                   $197 value (Visit Creating Your Big Juicy Vision for details on how to enter. Contest ends Saturday, June 2, 2012.) We have a winner! Congratulations Charissa!

3 2 1 Stop — stop running and start living” eBook by Lorilee Lippincott

3-2-1 Stop is a how-to memoir of learning to love simple living. Lorilee uses personal stories, as well as tips learned along the way, showing how to create a life that makes space for what is most important. Embracing minimalism, she tackles and teaches how to make the hard decisions of simplify the home as well as the schedule. She understands that a full life, really doesn’t need to be that ‘full’ at all. Beyond that, Lorilee addresses the hidden emotional hoarding that keeps our souls running.

3-2-1 Stop is comical, practical, and refreshing. Take a step back, step off the track for a few minutes and savor the moment. $10 Value (Visit 5 Ways Order Can Open the Doors for Joy for details on how to enter. Contest ends Friday, June 1, 2012.) We have the winners! Congratulations Amy, Carolyn and avisannschild!

Set Your Desires in Motion with Lisa Alessi

Do you have lots of great ideas that never seem to get implemented? Or possibly a big goal that you’ve been chomping bit by bit but not making headway? Join Lisa Alessi for a 1 hour coaching session and together, you’ll discuss what you want to achieve, apply a goal alignment process and establish a plan that will help you gain clarity and momentum to make your dream a reality. $150 Value (Visit How to Channel Your Passion into Positive Momentum for details on how to enter. Contest ends Friday, June 1, 2012.) We have a winner! Congratulations Lisa!


San Francisco, California Illustration Postcard Set by Nidhi Chanani.

Featured twice here at Bliss Habits, I am just delighted to share this unique set of postcards by artist Nidhi Chanani.
Sweet illustrations in an adorable small size, handsomely bound for easy gift giving.
The everyday love set includes these images:
Cable Car, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, City Sounds, Shelter
See some of her other work here and here on Bliss Habits and in her ETSY shop $12 Value (Visit 15 Actions to Kick Start Your Own Romance-Gratitude Cycle to enter. Contest ends May 31, 2012.) We have a winner! Congratulations Karen B.

Lightning Strike Session with Sandi Amorim

Having experienced the kick in the pants power of this amazing session myself, I couldn’t be more envious of the person who wins this. Your world will be rocked in just the most perfect and delightful way. I guarantee it!
A direct hit, guaranteed to set you on fire. In one intense, 75 minute coaching session we get right to the heart of your challenge. We’ll have you face up to your lizard brain, and you’ll come to grips with the fear that’s been holding you back. Direct. Intense. High impact. $150 Value (Visit The Key to the Kingdom of Moxie for details on how to enter. Contest ends Friday, June 1, 2012.) We have a winner! Congratulations Tricia!

The Cluster from Chocolate for Breakfast

You are about to experience the tao of chocolate.

These cinnamon dusted cacao nib clusters were the brainchild of Sue Ann Gleason of Chocolate for Breakfast, a woman who has translated her passion for artisan chocolate into a culinary art form. Traveling far and wide in search of transformative chocolate experiences, Sue Ann discovered beloved chocolatier and kindred spirit, Merideth Cohrs.

Together they have combined their seriously sophisticated palates, and their passion, to produce an unparalleled chocolate experience, sourcing the finest organic, ethically traded ingredients. $10 value (Being offered in a contest on Bliss Habits Facebook Page. Winner was selected 5/28/12)

Bliss Habits Hero


This is my favorite giveaway of the whole bunch! The winner will have $100 sent to the Charity of their choosing! Just say who gets it and I send it! $100 value (Visit I’m Giving $100 to YOUR favorite Charity to enter. Contest ends June 3, 2012.) We have a winner! Congratulations Marci and The Make A Wish foundation!


30 Minute 3 Principles Coaching or Therapy Session from Lori Carpenos

A 30 minute telephone coaching or therapy session from marriage and family therapist, Lori Capernos.
What to expect: A fresh understanding about your Innate Health and how to access it in any given moment. Lori will also provide you with other free resources to help you on your path!
$60 Value (Visit Is a bad habit sucking the life out of your healthy habits?for details on how to win! Contest ends Friday June 1, 2012) We have a winner! Congratulations Corina!!

Tightrope Walker in Lightning Storm by Jessica Grundy

This is a darling print of Jessica’s original digital painting/photo collage illustration.
Giclee printed onto beautiful Moab Entrada Rag Bright 300 Award Winning Fine Art Paper (300gsm, 22.5mil) Entrada exhibits a smooth toothy feel similar to a traditional hot press watercolor paper. Made in the USA of 100% cotton. Naturally acid- and lignin-free.

$15 value (Visit The 10 Most JOYful spots on the web for details on how to win! Contest ends Friday June 1, 2012) We have a winner! Congratulations Karen B.

90 minute Intuitive Consultation with Linda Adsetts

My intent when I sit with you in a personal intuitive reading is to bring you insight, peace and encouragement. Sometimes, loved ones who have passed will make a visit during this time. In some readings I am guided to offer healing energies to a client. I always ask permission first.

My readings are interactive and I encourage you to talk about your challenges, hopes and dreams. The Group is with us and inspires me in the direction that I take with each client.
$90 Value (Visit “You are the sunlight, the rainbows…” for details on how to win! Contest ends Thursday, May 31, 2012)   We have a winner! Congratulations Lana!

$100 ETSY Shopping Spree

Winner of this can spend up to $100 in the ETSY shop or shops of their choice!
Bonus: If you buy from a shop featured in any Bliss Habits post you will get an extra $25 ($125 Total) to spend!

(Visit Creativity + Whimsy + $100 #Etsy spending spree to win for details on how to win! Contest ends 6/2/12) We have a winner!! Congratulations Alex!!

Make A Wish Dandelion Seed Hollow Lampwork Bead by KarmaBeads

These beads are fascinating.

A crystal clear, hollow glass bead, painstakenly filled with the tiniest dandelion fly-away seeds, carefully sealed with antique brass bead caps, and securely wirewrapped and attaached to a 20 inch very dark colored vintage looking chain, Finished off with a lobsterclaw clasp. 35.00 Value (Visit Ten Things I’ve Learned at Bliss Habits for details on how to win! Contest ends 5/31/12) We have a winner! Congratulations Melissa H.!!

“Nothing More Than A Story” Encaustic Painting by Lisa Wilson

Beautiful original painting (not a print!)
Title: Nothing More Than A Story
Material: Encuastic, Oil, Paper on Cradled Board (will come ready to hang)
Size: 12″ x 12″ x ~3/4″ deep
Inspired By: the quote by Pema Chodron, “You are the sky. Everything else is just weather”
By Lisa Wilson of Life Unity $250 Value (visit See it, Be it for details on how to win! Contest ends 6/3/12)We have a winner!! Congratulations Lisa T.!

$25 Starbucks Gift Card


Who couldn’t use a cup of coffee or tea? Two $25 dollar gift cards will be up for grabs in separate giveaways.  $25 value x2 (multiple entries – The First Contest was awarded  5/16/12 Congratulations Efsun, The second Contest has also concluded. Congratulations Theresa!

Magnetizing Session with Danielle Nelson

I believe that you have amazing shit to share with the world.
I believe that connecting with your inner truth is the key to getting out of your own way and boosting your own brilliance to the ends of the ‘verse and back. Connecting with the right people. Launching the exciting (and terrifying!) visions. Making that amazing shit real.
This is a single session, with a focused purpose: to get you pointed in the right direction. Remove the blocks that are hiding magnetic north from your compass and get you moving there.
You. Me. Your favorite beverage. Your world ignited.

(Visit Life with a side of Silly for details on how to win! Contest ends 5/31/12) This contest has ended! We have a winner! 

CHOOSE Your Print – Archival 12×12 signed motherhood print by Katie m. Berggren

Remember this gorgeous print? I used it to illustrate one of the most popular Bliss Habit’s posts, and my personal favorite: Humility has a way of knocking one down a peg or two when needed, eh?

The winner of this giveaway will select the print of their choice from Katie’s marvelous Motherhood collection. $29 Value (Visit My Mother’s Day Retrospective for details how to WIN! Contest ends 5/27/12  We Have a Winner! )

Legendary Learning eBook by Jamie McMillin

Legendary Learning: The Famous Homeschoolers’ Guide to Self-Directed Excellence is a book for any parent who wants to think beyond test scores, college admission, and social conventions. Based on the same techniques used by Thomas Edison, Teddy Roosevelt, Agatha Christie, Louis Armstrong, and other famous homeschoolers, parents will be inspired to break free of boring, unleash their child’s unique creative genius, cultivate determination, and create an authentic atmosphere of learning. $10 Value (Visit “Kitchen Sink Poetryfor all the details on how to WIN! Contest ends 5/19/12 gieaway has concluded)

Fandango Movie Tickets

The gift of a movie with Fandango Bucks!

Good for any movie available for ticketing on, no expiration.

(This contest is open to residents of the United States and can be redeemed at participating theaters.) $25 value  (We have a winner! Congratulations Lynn!)


The remaining prizes will be awarded as part of the
Grand Prize “Kitchen Sink” Giveaway

Everyday Awareness by Danielle Nelson and Kate Jones

Everyday Awareness isn’t about making time. It’s not about finding something new. It’s about the magic in what’s already there.
This digital self-study retreat will help you incorporate reflection, spirituality, and self-care in to the chaos and clutter of everyday life. Learn how to “sneak in” a little love, create sacred space wherever you are, and make a sip of water or the touch of a doorknob your very own safe haven. With a splash of non-conformity, a shot of mindfulness, and a healthy dose of cheer, you’ll learn how to bring moments of calm to your daily life. (multiple entries)

“Stealing Stars” Illustration by Yvette T Ruzicka

Just thrilled to be offering one of my absolute favorite illustrations.

DESCRIPTION: This is Mia. She’s fascinated with the stars up above. All she ever wanted was a few of her own to keep something so bright, magical, and beautiful for herself. But she got caught stealing them from the sky. Ever wanted something so beautiful that you had it all for yourself?
This is a digital illustration printed on semi glossy photo paper.

This original illustration print is signed and dated on front and back of print.
View more of Yvette’s work in her ETSY shop and on her webpage. $20 value  (Facebook entry) 

Voiding Karma by Tom Evans

Voiding Karma: Do you feel some days you are pushing water uphill? Do you feel you deserve a more magical life and you have given enough already? This workbook, with three guided audio visualisations, is designed to wipe the slate clean and set you off on a path to a more magical way of being. $80 value (blog post entry)


Annie Oakley Cowgirl Pocket Mirror “The Little Sharpshooter”

I totally LOVE this mirror made with artwork I featured in a post called Looking for Moxie.

By Jessica Gundy. This little mirror is hand pressed and measures 2 1/4 inches.

Each little mirror comes with a little organza bag to keep it safe. (may not always be the color pictured, I use lots of different colors of bags) $8 value (blog post entry)

Whimsy for Wendys

A stunning 54 page, full-color ebook filled to the brim with practical, immediately applicable ways to reclaim your childlike sense of wonder, zeal, and excitement. $24 value (blog post entry)

Bliss from the Land of Mouse

I completely forgot to add this fun prize when I first compiled my list! I decided I had to give someone this fabulous T-shirt when I saw it on a recent trip to Disney World. You pick the size, I have one sent! $29 value (blog post entry)



Wow! Amazing list eh? Do stop back often as more items may be added during the party.

Also don’t forget to leave a comment below letting us know which of these lovely prizes you’d like to win. Doing so will give you a 2-1 multiplier on all giveaways during the Blogversary-apolooza, and who knows… someone just might get their wish answered!

67 thoughts on “The Amazing Blogversary-apolooza extravaganza #apolooza with $1500 in prizes!

  1. Amber says:

    These are wonderful! I love the Make a Wish Dandelion Hollow Lampwork Bead and the “Everyday Awareness” book. ^_^

  2. There are loads of wonderful giveaways here and I’d be hardpressed to choose just one. I love the idea of the Etsy shopping spree, it means the benefit can be shared between several different shops, as well as the fun of browsing and choosing. The charity donation is also a fantastic idea – I think I’d nominate the National Autistic Society, because they not only do a great job profile raising and campaigning but they provide so much information and support parents and educators as well. The ‘Nothing more than a story’ painting is gorgeous, and I love Starbucks coffee…

  3. Just in awe. Of you, of all the generosity here, of …well, WOW. I can’t imagine winning any of these – I know every one could hold some inspiration or possibly even change the course of my awareness…


  4. Noelle says:

    So hard to choose from all this deliciousness! But I would love to win The “Everyday Awareness” book!

  5. What a great way to start a Friday, and what an amazing idea that exemplifies sharing bliss. This is wonderful! All the gifts are fantastic — but my favs would be the Lightening Session or Magnetizing session. Good luck with it all and thanks for sharing your light!

  6. Karen B says:

    Oh Kathy your prizes are all wonderful, but I think my favourites are the “Stealing Stars Illustration” and the Bloom Journal. Good luck to everyone and have a great blogaversary!!!

  7. oh man, it’s WAY to hard to choose one! I guess my number one pick would be the “A Year with Myself, full adventure kit”. It just speaks to me and my new journey into writing/self discovery. A close second would be the Everyday Awareness.

    Then the homeschooling mama in my is drawn to the Legendary Learning give away. And of course the Childbirth educator and art-lover in me would love a print by Katie m. Bergren.

    So I guess that was 4? I did narrow it down a little, right?? Awesomeness Kathy! Looking forward to the whole blogversary-opolooza! yay!

  8. Efsun Alper says:

    These are all so amazing! My favorites are the Bliss Habits Hero, Lisa’s painting and motherhood prints and the dandelion beadwork lamp (so I can give it to you!). So very cool! And congrats again 🙂

  9. Jessica Hitchcock says:

    Kathy, this is amaing. Regarding your Facebook post on responses to this vs, inhaling skittles, the truth is we read your blog for the bliss it brings, not the gifts. But just in case you need some winners 🙂
    I like the Bliss Charity donation, the easy spree and the fab encaustic. But they’re ALL great.
    Keep up the good work! I’ll try to remember to be thankful in print more often, so as Chel pointed out, you know how much you are appreciated!

  10. WOW, so hard to choose, Kathy! What a fabulous event you’ve got going here. Congrats on the Blogversary for Bliss Habits!

    Ok, I want many but this is really calling to out to me, so I’ll choose it:

    Nothing More Than A Story” Encaustic Painting by Lisa Wilson

  11. Alex says:

    Amazing prizes! I want them all… but the Homeschool ebook, the AYWM Adventure Kit, the Etsy shopping spree, and the dandelion seed necklace are all extra-super-cool. This is so exciting!

  12. Absolutely overwhelmed with these prizes – everything is so great! So, I’m going to say I’d love to win any of it! Great job putting all of this together and good luck to everyone!

  13. Angie says:

    Those are some beautiful art prints. I especially like the Owl print, the impressionist one with the tree, and the mother’s day print. Gorgeous! And, of course, Skittles are always a prize, even when I buy them myself.

    How fun!

  14. Oh my… what fab prizes!!!
    I love them all but my first pick would be the $100 Etsy spending spree… I’ve had my eye on a couple of treasures for ages.
    Thanks SO much for this super giveaway.
    Blessings and magic,

  15. These are awesome! Can I be honest and say I get completely overwhelmed by stuff like this, because there are a LOT of awesome prizes and several ways to enter and get points and my mind just goes, “aaah, I don’t know how to keep track of all that!” Of course, with a 15 month old in the house, my mind is pretty full of other stuff, such as all the words to Dr. Seuss’s ABC book, which I just this morning discovered I’d inadvertently memorized! Anyway, I am here, to support your awesome Blogaversaryapalooza! and to say happy one year to Bliss Habits, and I LOVE THIS SITE, and if I could have any of the prizes above, I would MOST like to win a Katie M. Berggren print, or Everyday Awareness book. So cool! Thanks so much for Bliss Habits, this site is wonderfully inspiring! 😀

    • Kathy says:

      Meg, Thanks for your input! Thanks to you I’ve added “Simple Instructions” for folks who don’t want to be concerned about all the details!! I hope that helps! Good Luck!

  16. Wow, what great prizes! I love the pretty magnets, and the chocolate, but think its very sweet of you to give away $100 to any charity we want. I am tight on cash right now, but I can think of at least 5 charities I’d like to give $100 to, it would be hard to narrow it down!

  17. Amanda says:

    While there is a couple of awesome prizes there, the most awesomest (see it’s so awesome, I had to make up a new word) one for me is the encaustic painting by Lisa Wilson!

  18. (I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for the kind words and interest in my encaustic painting!! And my dearest Pop-Tart Queen Amanda, thou art the awesome-est.)

  19. charlene says:

    the Etsy shopping spree would be so fun! I can’t believe how many awesome prizes you’re giving away! You rock! I’d also love to win the money for charity!

  20. Terri S Crum says:

    wow….it’s so tough to pick a favorite from these great artists!! #1 would have to be “Tightrope Walker” by Jessica Grundy! Love it…she has been a favorite artist of mine that I have been following on FB & Etsy for some time now! This is such a wonderful giveaway!! One of my favorites so far!! Thanks!

    tlcrum06 @ att dot net

  21. MUST I choose? LOL Everything is just soooo fantastic! I could limit it to four – LifeUnity, Favorite Charity, Etsy Spree and the Dandelion Necklace. Hooray for Bliss Habits – and a big congrats on your blogversary!!!

  22. If I were a truly good person, I’d say that the prize I’d like to win most is the charity give-away, however, being the selfish person I am, I have to be honest and say that I’d really love to win your etsy gift certificate give-away…


  23. Marci Holland says:

    I would love to win $100 for my favorite charity. I volunteer my time to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and am also trying to raise money for the charity by running in 10 race events. This is an awesome prize. Thanks for doing this!

  24. I would just like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to you Kathy! I won ‘Everyday Awareness by Danielle Nelson and Kate Jones’ and was absolutely thrilled – I am soooo looking forward to working with it! Good luck to everyone who takes part in your draws!!!

  25. Miriam Prantner says:

    Some really great prizes! I’m most interested in the Etsy credit as there are some AMAZING shops there that I have been wanting some stuff from!

  26. I’m just happy that this event is going so well, even if I dont win, I win because Kathy wins!
    If I do win, I hope it is the etsy giveaway or the coffee giftcard (student fuel)

    best of luck to all XD stay happy.

  27. Missed the deadline for chocolate, so I’d say the Etsy shopping spree is my favorite. (But hard to pick from all of these! Think I’m going to try for Starbucks, Fandange too.)

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