The Best Kind of Inspiration


(A few definitions of) Inspiration:

1. To breathe life into.

2. To stimulate energies, ideals, or reverence:


Think, for a moment, what an inspired day would look like using that definition.
Perhaps full of ease-filled breaths, a loose schedule that flows gently from activity to activity, awe-inspired reverence for each being that crosses your path, and moments fueled by a deeper, perhaps even illogical passion and energy to explore what is and what comes next…

If this type of day sounds like one you’d like to experience, dive with me into the pool of breath for a moment. As you breathe, think about your unique day ahead.

What is on the to-do list? Where are you being called to move?

If you feel yourself tightening (hint: use your breath as a clue), pause. Note the activity you were thinking of when you tightened, and try to look at it through another, more inspired (i.e. breath-filled) perspective.

How might you experience that activity with a sense of curiosity? What would it be like to go at it like a child does to a blank page with a handful of crayons?

What would it feel like to be inspired by the possibilities that the moments hold instead of trapped by your expectations?

Inspiration doesn’t have to lead us into deep revelations nor provide earth-shaking aha’s.

The best kind of inspiration, in my opinion, is that which takes you into a deeper or different perspective on what is right in front of and within you.


Today, I challenge you to find that inspiration. The inspiration that helps you think differently, to move in the world in a more open and ease-full way, the inspiration that lets you say, “yes” to each moment as it arises.

What it will awake in you is as unique as the stimuli it will take to awaken it.

Perhaps you will notice a scent, and it will arise within you a desire to cook a healthy meal.

Maybe you will sink into your body, notice a tension in your shoulders, and take a moment to give yourself a massage.

Maybe you see a forgotten tube of paint in the corner, and your next move is to release that paint onto canvas.

Whether you think about the situation you are in differently, or behave differently because of the way you think, inspiration is the breath, the flame that fuels that way of being.

Inspire yourself. Awaken to this moment.








About Lisa Renee Wilson

I am honored to be your host for this journey! I am an Awareness Artist who shares her world work through Being Breath ( As a parent, artist, contemplative, meditator, yoga practitioner, introvert, runner, blogger, photographer, and iced-chai addict, I practice the art of mindful awareness throughout all of my daily activities. From playing with perspectives to playing in paint, no moments are off limits for exploration.

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