The Blogversary-apolooza kick off. “Careful as a Moon Drop” and better then breathing skittles!

Little glimpses of magic, softness of the morning light, the emerald green of a mossy place... these are the things that I search for. Mother Nature is my muse. She is everywhere, even in the unexpected spaces. Her beauty is her gift to us and lucky are we who can see it.
"Moon Jewels" by DovieMoon (click image for details)


“I’ll be careful as a moon drop.” is the latest slice of wisdom from my five year old’s lips. I really don’t have any idea what that means but it really sounds magical and that is what I want the launch of this big party to be. Magical! Magical and inviting, and fun and very satisfying. So Moon Drops away, let’s get things started.

This post was conceived to introduce the Blogversary-apolooza and to give you a basic schedule. 

I first hatched the idea for this in a conversation with Lisa of LifeUnity. We talk often about our blogs, life and all sorts of things and I told her that I wanted to do something special to mark the blogs one year anniversary. Just what, I wasn’t sure. Then in a Lightning Session with Sandi (win your own right here!) I confessed that I was really DONE with my Bliss Habits and I wanted to do something else. It turns out that “something else” was to come up with new habits and so my little blogversary party turned APOLOOZA when I decided it should also be a celebration of and goodbye (for now) to the original 13 habits.

Part of my great joy over here, has been the participation of so many great bloggers. I think of myself as a curator more then blogger so my mission is always to find different perspectives on my habits. So when I decide to have my big party, I invited the guest bloggers to participate. I had no idea so many would say yes and then they also offered gifts. It has been so overwhelmingly wonderful!

Click here to see the Merrymakers who are Bringing the Bliss!

Click here to see all the fabulous prizes!

To tell you the schedule is a little misleading because I haven’t really sussed everything out yet. I’m taking the posts I receive from the Merrymakers (some of which are still coming in), considering the prizes and how best to advertise them and it is all sort of spinning around in my head and coming out in what should be 2-3 posts a day  over the duration of the event. Of course it is already past noon and I haven’t put one up yet!

For those of you who don’t know, that is how I work. Kind of last minute, trying to pull everyting all together in the heat of the moment… possibly not the best plan for such an event but there you go!

What you can count on is the big post that lists all the prizes will be updated regularly as the contests go live so you should really bookmark that page and refer to it often.


Yesterday, over on my personal facebook page I mentioned that I did not recommend breathing skittles and a whole flurry of folks jumped in and had something to say about my foolish error, from which I’m still coughing today! I had also posted a link to my big Blogversary-apolooza and got (at the time of my skittles incident) a total response of zero.

Feeling a little snarky about it (refer to my definition here) I then posted

“Amused that my comment about breathing my skittles (still not a good idea I might add) garnered more replies then the $1500 in prizes I’m trying to give to you… you guys don’t like free stuff?”

Which got it’s own flurry of replies in facebook and elsewhere the bottom line of which was a) folks really aren’t interested in the free stuff unless it is possibly skittles and b) they are super happy to read what I provide over at bliss habits and on my facebook page but giveaways don’t really interest them.

Now as a gal who rarely participates in giveaways herself but might be willing to if it did include some skittles, I can completely understand this point of view, however I want this event to be different! I put this whole Blogversary-apolooza thing together as my way of saying thank you to YOU!! Everyone of you who was ever amused, inspired or enjoyed something I’ve said since launching Bliss Habits. When you enter the giveaways you are telling me that you like what I am doing and that you are open to receiving a little bit of Bliss directly from my heart to yours. It means that you are CELEBRATING with me!

“People of our time are losing the power of celebration. Instead of celebrating we seek to be amused or entertained. Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation. To be entertained is a passive state–it is to receive pleasure afforded by an amusing act or a spectacle…. Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one’s actions. ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel

Entering a giveaway is like casting a wish for more surprise, joy, romance (you can see where this goes) and opening the doors for delight.  Entering a giveaway is celebrating! So please, even if you aren’t normally a “giveaway type person” just tell me, if the door of delight is open because of the time you spend here,  and try entering a contest or two.  (and if really does take Skittles to get you interested… mention them in a comment, and any prize you win will include some!)


Here is a little “flash giveaway” for you! The first 25 people to comment here AND over on the main contest site will get a packet of skittles! (Yum! Current breathing issues aside, all this talk is forcing me to open the bag… )


Tomorrow I’m kicking off Mothers Day with a Top 10 list featuring my Girl and this Giveaway :

CHOOSE Your Print – Archival 12×12 signed motherhood print by Katie m. Berggren

Remember this gorgeous print? I used it to illustrate one of the most popular Bliss Habit’s posts, and my personal favorite: Humility has a way of knocking one down a peg or two when needed, eh?

The winner of this giveaway will select the print of their choice from Katie’s marvelous Motherhood collection.

15 thoughts on “The Blogversary-apolooza kick off. “Careful as a Moon Drop” and better then breathing skittles!

  1. That is a gorgeous print.

    I’m wondering if the different flavours of skittles would have different effects when you breath them? My daughter was eating them tonight, but she preferred to spill them all over the settee and then sit on a purple one to breathing them.

  2. I am of course p[resuming that since you are posting, you have recovered from the rather unfortunate skittles incident, and that your skittles also have recovered.

  3. Ha ha! You’re hilarious! A LOT of work and effort goes into creating these things and it can be frustrating when you find you’re not getting a response. As things roll on, hopefully they’ll pick up! In the meantime, I’m sharing your giveaway in my social media and you’re welcome to post a request on my FB wall, too:)

    Let me know if I can help you with anything!

    The print is gorgeous!

  4. Angie says:

    Ha! Ok, ok!! I’m not a giveaway type either, but I do appreciate and have been inspired by you and your posts over the last year. Here I am! Skittle me!

  5. Efsun Alper says:

    This is hilarious! Here’s my Skittles bid! (I’ve already entered on the main page before. Skittle that one too!)

  6. No need for Skittles, dear Kathy (we’ll share some on Wednesday)…but I had to give you huge kudos for this post. Someday we’ll figure this all out!! Until then, here’s to playing… 🙂 🙂

  7. Amanda says:

    I hope they weren’t the sour Skittles now those would have REALLY hurt!
    And I have to tell you, I keep going back to the top of this page to look at that picture. Beautiful!

  8. I love me some skittles, but have never attempted to breathe them in. I have attempted to snort Smarties though, but I don’t know if thats even in the same category??? Love the Moon Jewels picture, that is precious “Careful as a Moon Drop…” love it 🙂

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