The Elephant side of Community!

Now that I have gotten my little rant out I can return to my regularly scheduled good will! Ha!

Here is today’s puzzle:

Do you recognize it? It is from the Elephant Journal logo. You may be saying, “That isn’t one of our community member’s sites.” and you would be right! I chose this image because one of our community members got her article published in the Elephant Journal! For those of you who don’t know, this is a really big deal. In spiritual self help circles the Elephant Journal is the Holy Grail of good stuff worth your time for reading. To read any edition is enlightening, to be featured is an honor.

Their mission reads: elephant is dedicated to bringing together those working (and playing) to create enlightened society. If you know Lisa of LifeUnity at all, you know that she truly is a voice that speaks to this mission. Always compassionate yet direct you can count on her to speak her truth yet still allow you room for yours. (Check out her take on that same event I just ranted about!) She is as generous as she is wise and I am thrilled for her success.

Lisa's original piece entitled "Metamorphosis"

If you haven’t done so already, please go and visit her Elephant journal post, Working Outside our Borders – in Art and Yoga. And if you like it, do spread the word with a tweet and/or a like! It really will make her day!


And now on to our blog hop! OK folks, my intention for hosting this week long event is to help everyone get to know each other. I realize many of you don’t have a blog but for those that do, I’m just going to have to start adding you to the  myself (Feel free to add your friends too!)! You see I want EVERYONE to know the deliciousness that is your blog, etsy shop or photo stream. We have a great deal of talent in our midst and would really like the chance to share it!  So lets get Sharing!!!

4 thoughts on “The Elephant side of Community!

  1. AWESOMELY grateful!!! Oh thank you dear Kathy – not only for your mention of moi, but for promoting elephant journal and all of the amazing contributors. I am so deeply deeply thankful to know you!!

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