The Kitchen Sink Prize Post – the Blogversary-apolooza $200 Grand Prize!

"Celebrating Life" by Emily Brummund (click image for details)

Greetings Blogversary-apolooza goers! I really hope you have been enjoying the party!! Phew!! It has been a complete whirlwind over here on my end!!  So much in fact, I realized this week that I was never actually “getting to” some of the posts I had envisioned writing myself… things like:

  • My personal top 10 list for each of the original habits
  • The what have I learned this year of blogging post
  • The thank you to all the great new cyber buddies I’ve made
  • The here are my favorite 10 posts from the year

etc. etc. It just isn’t going to happen! Which means I’m also not getting to the giveaways I had planned to associate with all of them…  just what is a gal to do…

Surprise! How about if I give them all away to one lucky reader! Hence the “Kitchen Sink” giveaway.  To wrap things up here at the Blogversary-apolooza I’m gifting one lucky reader ALL of the remaining prizes + a little extra, because I really can’t help myself!! Woo Hoo!

I’m also going to extend the entry time on this giveaway and give everyone until Friday June 8th to enter!  (It should also be noted that I haven’t quite gotten to tallying all of the other giveaways yet either… this is underway and I will be announcing the winners in all the other giveaways over the course of the weekend! This information will appear in the main giveaway post and on the individual giveaway posts.)

So just what will you be getting in my Kitchen Sink prize fest:

Everyday Awareness by Danielle Nelson and Kate Jones

Everyday Awareness isn’t about making time. It’s not about finding something new. It’s about the magic in what’s already there.
This digital self-study retreat will help you incorporate reflection, spirituality, and self-care in to the chaos and clutter of everyday life. Learn how to “sneak in” a little love, create sacred space wherever you are, and make a sip of water or the touch of a doorknob your very own safe haven. With a splash of non-conformity, a shot of mindfulness, and a healthy dose of cheer, you’ll learn how to bring moments of calm to your daily life.

“Stealing Stars” Illustration by Yvette T Ruzicka

Just thrilled to be offering one of my absolute favorite illustrations.

DESCRIPTION: This is Mia. She’s fascinated with the stars up above. All she ever wanted was a few of her own to keep something so bright, magical, and beautiful for herself. But she got caught stealing them from the sky. Ever wanted something so beautiful that you had it all for yourself?
This is a digital illustration printed on semi glossy photo paper.

This original illustration print is signed and dated on front and back of print.
View more of Yvette’s work in her ETSY shop and on her webpage$20 value

$25 ETSY Shopping Spree



Winner of this can spend up to $25 in the ETSY shop of their choice!

Voiding Karma by Tom Evans


Voiding Karma: Do you feel some days you are pushing water uphill? Do you feel you deserve a more magical life and you have given enough already? This workbook, with three guided audio visualisations, is designed to wipe the slate clean and set you off on a path to a more magical way of being. $80 value


Annie Oakley Cowgirl Pocket Mirror “The Little Sharpshooter”

I totally LOVE this mirror made with artwork I featured in a post called Looking for Moxie.

By Jessica Gundy. This little mirror is hand pressed and measures 2 1/4 inches.

Each little mirror comes with a little organza bag to keep it safe. (may not always be the color pictured, I use lots of different colors of bags) $8 value

Whimsy for Wendys

A stunning 54 page, full-color ebook filled to the brim with practical, immediately applicable ways to reclaim your childlike sense of wonder, zeal, and excitement. $24 value

Bliss from the Land of Mouse

I completely forgot to add this fun prize when I first compiled my list! I decided I had to give someone this fabulous T-shirt when I saw it on a recent trip to Disney World. You pick the size, I have one sent! $29 value

$25 Starbucks Gift Card


Who couldn’t use a cup of coffee or tea?   $25 value 


That’s right all of the prizes, more than $200 in total value, a genuine GRAND PRIZE, if you will!

How to win the whole Kitchen Sink Grand Prize:

1. In the comments below tell me, what was your favorite Blogversary-apolooza post?

Bonus Entries:

2. In a separate comment tell me why you’d like to win.

3. Stop by the Bliss Habits Facebook page and  share this Kitchen Sink contest with your friends (If your page is not public tell me here that you did so because I won’t be able to see it) Extra Karma points for “Liking” Bliss Habits if you don’t already!

4. Tweet the following:

I entered to win  the “Kitchen Sink” $200 Grand Prize  in @BlissHabits  Blogversary #apolooza

Do all four and you have four chances to win!

Winner will be selected at random from all entries received by Friday, June 8, 2012


We have a winner! Congratulations Meg!

34 thoughts on “The Kitchen Sink Prize Post – the Blogversary-apolooza $200 Grand Prize!

  1. How grand! It has been so much fun sharing in your amazing celebration!!!! Why would I like to win? It would be a lovely remembrance of celebrating joy, order, creativity, passion, whimsy, serenity and inquiry throughout the year with you! Thank you for all you have done, Kathy. It is greatly appreciated!

  2. My favourite post has been ‘Drop the Shoulds and Watch Your Creativity Bloom’. I feel like I live my life in ‘shoulds’! This post made me look at how this attitiude limits my life and consider how by dropping the ‘shoulds’ my life could be lived more wholeheartedly and more freely!

  3. I would love to win these prizes – especially the Stealing Stars Print. It would look wonderful hanging in my meditation room – reminding me that we only have to reach for the stars and they can be ours!

    I’ve shared your post on facebook, but don’t do twitter – so I guess I’ll just have to miss that chance!

    Thanks Kathy for an amazing birthday blogalooza – the posts have been fantastic and it has been a fitting end to your current Bliss Habits – I’m sooo looking forward to the next set!

  4. Efsun Alper says:

    Wow, this is grand Kathy!!! I’d love to win, cause I NEED a Blissful Micket Tshirt desperately! It’d be a great big birthday present and I can share the goodies with my friends. Awesome!

  5. Efsun Alper says:

    My favorite post, hmmm, there are a few, but I really like the one where you put together all of your Jessie posts for Mother’s Day. I love her interviews and that humility post is stellar!
    (I also like that creativity post by your actor friend, haha!)

  6. Only one favourite post….but there were loads of such inspiring posts. The one I have kept going back to though has been the one on the most joyful places on the web, because I have been slowly visiting them and enjoying myself. I’ve also found the 5 tips that make a huge impact post on Order very useful.

  7. So many great post!…enjoyed many – but one that probably hit home the most…(no pun intended here) was
    5 Tips that make a huge impact in your life and home. Great stuff – love your blog – so nice to ponder many thoughts and it’s just such a great time in my life right now to be able to ponder! Thanks!!

  8. My favorite was ‘Drop the Shoulds and Watch Your Creativity Bloom’ because it’s proving necessary to do just that in order to find ways to feed my creativity on zero income!
    I love, love, love this giveaway – it’s like Christmas in June!! Purely awesome 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness!
    I’d like to win because ‘Everyday Awareness’ is so synchronous with my new journey. I’ve even started a new blog to inspire and be inspired in this.
    The Cube of Karma because, if I were to judge by my current circumstances, I have a TON of karma to clear – and a little bit of magic would be, well, magical! And Whimsy for Wendys would be a perfect companion.
    And Stealing Stars, Sharpshooter, the Tee shirt, Etsy and Starbucks giftcards…because I’m suffering from shopping withdrawal…and because I really do deserve everything good!! <3

  10. I would like to win because that would be AMAZING! It’s always fun to win a jackpot. Or so I imagine! And all the prizes are wonderful various embodiments of the bliss habits virtues. It would really create a lot of Bliss, that’s for sure! 🙂

  11. Rocio Medina says:

    I would love to specify one or two but I honestly can say that “I LOVE THEM ALL AND I DON’T HAVE A FAVORITE!” There is true beauty on every post and just being able to accept it and be part of it it’s magical…THANK YOU!!!:D

  12. Angie says:

    My two favourites were the Actor’s approach to creativity, and your breathing Skittles story. I love the personal stories the best!

  13. Meg says:

    Omg omg omg I am so happy and excited!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, for these prizes, for this wonderful site, & for a really fun blogversary apalooza!! 🙂

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